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Global Summit Task Force

The American Accounting Association (AAA) has more than 8,400 members and about 20% of the membership is international. The AAA's strategic plan calls for ambitious growth. This plan, combined with the move toward U.S. adoption of (or convergence with) international financial reporting standards (IFRS), compels the AAA to globalize our organization.


  • In order to become a more globally-relevant organization, this Task Force will create and evaluate globalization initiatives.
  • The results of the Task Force evaluations will take the form of recommendations (including business plans when necessary) to the Board of Directors.


  • New Task Force members are appointed annually by the AAA President.


  • The committee meets as needed.


  • Fulfill the Task Force charter as above.
  • The Chair will have the opportunity three times every term-year to prepare and send a progress report which will be available for the Board of Directors to review at their next meeting. This report should include accomplishments and suggested modifications and should be sent to the AAA President, the committee’s Board of Directors Liaison, and staff liaison, Barbara Gutierrez (barbara.gutierrez@aaahq.org).

Nancy Bagranoff
University of Richmond


Name / Affiliation Contact Term Length Term Expires
Agnes Cheng
Louisiana State University
acheng@lsu.edu 1 08/2012
Kazuo Hiramatsu
Kwansei Gakuin University
khira@kwansei.ac.jp 1 08/2012
Aileen Pierce
University College of Dublin
aileen.pierce@ucd.ie 1 08/2012
Patricia Poli
Fairfield University
ppoli@fairfield.edu 1 08/2012

Board of Directors Liaison
Recep Pekdemir
Istanbul University

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