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Policies and Procedures Manual

Meetings and Awards

1. Awards

AAA staff can arrange for preparation and delivery of plaques, clocks, printed or engraved citations, and other items to recognize member contributions. For most items, cost escalates dramatically if sufficient lead time is not provided; accordingly, at least three months advance notice is requested for awards to be presented at the AAA Annual Meeting (see Form 8) and at least six weeks advance notice is requested for Regional and Mid-Year Meeting awards.

Requests for AAA staff to arrange for production of awards, if supported by a Section's or Region's budget or approved by its President/Chair and Secretary/Treasurer or governing board, should be directed to:

Stephanie Glaser
Meetings & Education Manager
American Accounting Association
5717 Bessie Drive
Sarasota, FL 34233-2399
Fax: (941) 923-4093
Voice: (941) 556-4118
Email: stephanie@aaahq.org

Staff can also assist in publicizing the awards, both at the time when nominations are being solicited and when an award is made or presented.Possible outlets for disseminating information include multi-topic emails to AAA members, press releases, and website updates. Requests for such assistance should be directed to:

Deirdre Harris
Membership, Marketing and Communications Manager
American Accounting Association
5717 Bessie Drive
Sarasota, FL 34233-2399
Voice: (941) 556-4119
Fax: (941) 923-4093
Email: deirdre@aaahq.org

2. Meetings

All Regions hold an annual Regional Meeting. About half the Sections hold Midyear Meetings or other program meetings. The value of these meetings comes predominantly from the contributions of program chairs, presenters, and other volunteer members. Region and Section Program Chairs and officers make the key content, location, date, price, and meeting format decisions.

Administrative support and assistance are provided through the AAA office and our outsourced Meeting Planner (Dee Strahan), who is compensated solely by the Association. Our meeting planner does not accept or solicit commissions; any commissions received by our Meeting Planner are paid over directly to the Association.

Contact information for our meeting planner:

Dee Strahan
1223 Oxbow Lane
Winter Springs, FL 32708
Voice: (407) 366-9855
Fax: (407) 366-9856
Email: dstrahan@atlantic.net

The Executive Director and Meeting Planner help Region and Section officials determine the site, ensure adequate facilities, and provide for the type of meeting desired. Neither the Meeting Planner nor the Executive Director select the city or hotel (unless requested to do so in some unusual case by a program chair), the number or type of receptions and other food and beverage events, or the program content. These decisions are made by the Section or Region advised (except with respect to program content) by the Meeting Planner and Executive Director.

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