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American Accounting Association
5717 Bessie Drive
Sarasota, FL 34233-2399
Phone: (941) 921-7747
Fax: (941) 923-4093
Tracey Sutherland

Executive Director
Tracey Sutherland
Email: Tracey@aaahq.org

Julie Smith David

Chief Innovation Officer — Team Leader
Julie Smith David – 941.556.4133
Email: Julie@aaahq.org

Dave Frazier
Finance Director
Dave Frazier – 941.556-4120
Email: dave.frazier@aaahq.org
Lisa Hawkins
Staff Accountant
Lisa Hawkins – 941.556.4127
Email: lisa.hawkins@aaahq.org
Ruth Sklar
Staff Accountant
Ruth Sklar – 941.556.4113
Email: Ruth@aaahq.org
Ruth Sklar Staff Accountant
Jim Farr – 941.556.4112
Email: jim.farr@aaahq.org
Diane Hazard
Publications Director
Diane Hazard – 941.556.4107
Email: Diane@aaahq.org
Stephanie Austin Publications Assistant
Stephanie Austin
Email: stephanie.austin@aaahq.org
Elizabeth Garrett Publications Project Coordinator
Elizabeth Garrett – 941.556.4129
Email: Elizabeth@aaahq.org
Lisa Habblitz Publications Coordinator
Lisa Habblitz – 941.556.4115
Email: Lisa@aaahq.org
Joe Parisi
Data Analyst and Systems Support Coordinator
Joe Parisi – 941.556.4108
Email: Joe@aaahq.org
Kathy Casper Web and Database Project Manager
Kathy Casper – 941.556.4106
Email: Kathy@aaahq.org
Erlinda L. Jones
Senior Director, Meetings and Programs — Team Leader
Erlinda L. Jones – 941.556.4126
Email: Erlinda@aaahq.org
Debora Gardner
Director, Meeting Planning
Debora Gardner – 941.556.4101
Email: Debbie@aaahq.org
Beverly Harrelson
Director, Special Projects
Beverly Harrelson – 941.556.4109
Email: Beverly@aaahq.org
Meetings & Education Manager
Peggy Turczyn – 941.556.4114
Email: Peggy@aaahq.org
Stephanie Glaser Meetings & Education Manager
Stephanie Glaser – 941.556.4118
Email: Stephanie@aaahq.org
Kelli Gouwens
Concierge Meeting Coordinator
Kelli Gouwens – 941.556-4123
Email: kelli.gouwens@aaahq.org
Meetings Coordination (Subcontractor)
DSE, Inc. c/o Dee Strahan
1223 Oxbow Lane
Winter Springs, FL 32708
Phone: (407) 366-9855
Fax: (407) 366-9856
Email: dstrahan@atlantic.net
Barbara Brady Director — Team Leader
Barbara Brady – 941.556.4121
Email: Barbara@aaahq.org
Kurt Gardner
Career Services Coordinator
Kurt Gardner – 941.556.4132
Email: Kurt@aaahq.org
Barbara Gutierrez

Senior Administrative Coordinator
Barbara Gutierrez – 941.556.4117
Email: Barbara.Gutierrez@aaahq.org

Nancy Maciag

Executive & Board Relations Coordinator
Nancy Maciag – 941.556-4131
Email: Nancy@aaahq.org

Lorrie Cozzens

Member Services Coordinator
Lorrie L. Cozzens – 941.556.4116
Email: Lorrie@aaahq.org

Pat Stein

Senior Member Services Coordinator
Pat Stein – 941.556.4102
Email: Pat@aaahq.org

David Boynton

Segment Services Manager
David Boynton – 941.556.4122
Email: David@aaahq.org


Pathways Project Manager
Mimi Janotka - 941.556-4125
Email: mimi.janotka@aaahq.org

American Accounting Association
5717 Bessie Drive
Sarasota, FL 34233-2399
Phone: (941) 921-7747
Fax: (941) 923-4093
Email: info@aaahq.org


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