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A Message from APLG President Sarah Nutter

January 2014

Happy New Year to All:

As we enter the new year, higher education continues to be under tremendous pressure on multiple fronts. Universities are being pressed to contain or reduce costs and tuition; students and their families are struggling with stagnant income and record levels of student debt; and technology and globalization forces are affecting historic teaching and learning models. In spite of these forces, the demand for a college-educated workforce has never been greater and the wealth gap between those with and without a college degree is growing, not shrinking. As accounting educators and leaders, we have the opportunity and challenge of providing our students with both a broad and career-ready education that prepares them for today’s accounting and business environment.

The APLG is focused on continuing to be the premier resource and voice for the accounting program leadership community.  Personally, I have looked to the APLG and its membership for mentoring, professional development, best practices, and thought leadership on how to build and grow quality accounting programs. The APLG community is an amazing resource and a supportive environment to help you lead your programs effectively – I invite you to get involved!

Program chairs Sharon Lassar (University of Denver) and Parveen Gupta (Lehigh University) and their committee have put together an exciting preliminary program for the 2014 APLG Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX. The meeting promises to be a very informative and engaging. The meeting will begin for everyone on Sunday morning, February 9th, at 8:30. Registration is now open at so reserve your spot at the Marriott Riverwalk today!

Over the next several months we will be continuing to implement our strategic plan with a focus on developing, networking, and connecting our members to best practices, professional development, mentoring, and other organizations that are critical to our success and the success of the programs we lead. We invite you to join us not only in San Antonio but also at the annual AAA meeting. Consider volunteering as we build an organization that can continue to serve as a central hub and “go to” source to not only help your own programs flourish but also to provide a voice in shaping the future of accounting education.

I believe that as accounting program leaders, we are well positioned to meet the challenges and opportunities of the current times. I look forward to the upcoming meeting with great anticipation and hope to see all of you at our February meeting in San Antonio!

Sarah E. Nutter
APLG President
Acting Dean
School of Management
George Mason University
Fairfax, VA 22030-4444
Phone: 703-993-1860

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