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Educational AssessmentMission Statement

The AAA Assessment web site provides information for academics, administrators and others interested in the assessment process. This site will list resources available that address specific aspects of assessment including information on development and design of an assessment program, the analysis of assessment data, and the reporting and use of assessment results.

The AAA Assessment Committee developed the following overview of the assessment process. Clicking on each step in the process will provide more detail on that step.

Overview of the Assessment Process Use Results for Decision-Making Evaluate Assessment Findings Design and Conduct Assessments Design and Implement Educational Environment Translate Into Objectives Establish Goals and Priorities

There are many resources available on assessment. For example, lists over 1,100 books on assessment; ERIC lists over 76,000 articles on assessment; ABI/Inform has over 900 articles on assessment; and the Internet search engine Google returns about 1,500,000 hits on assessment. Thus, the issue is not a lack of available resources, but to identify those resources that offer the greatest potential value for accounting. The 2001 AAA Assessment Committee has selected the following resources as having the highest potential value for accounting educators and administrators.

Organizations and publishers providing assessment materials

Recommended accounting education articles, monographs and selected books on assessment

Other Publications:

9 Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning

Educational AssessmentIn addition, the following academic education journals publish assessment articles.

  • Accounting Education Journal
  • Assessment Update Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Journal of Accounting Education
  • Journal of Business Education
  • Journal of Higher Education
  • Research in Higher Education
Schools with assessment information available on their web site:

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