Organizations and publishers providing assessment materials:

AACSB International (
The AACSB's website contains current information on accreditation standards and procedures. Assessment is a major part of the accreditation process. Of special interest to schools beginning the accreditation process is the AACSB's Candidacy Partnership program.

Accounting Programs Leadership Group (APLG) (
The APLG (formerly known as the AAPG) has a link to "Material Related to AACSB Accreditation" that presents both accreditation information and examples of accreditation materials, including assessment practices. Of special note is the Tool Kit offered on this site that contains examples of mission statements and other accreditation and assessment guidance. Furthermore, there is a brief listing of assessment literature on the APLG's website.

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) (
This website offers information on the AICPA Core Competency Framework for Entry into the Accounting Profession, including teaching strategies and suggestions for evaluation tools to determine students' achievements of the core competencies. Scroll down the opening page until you find the Educators link under the Site Directory and then click on that link to obtain a listing of all the materials offered for accounting educators.

The Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) Clearing House on Assessment and Evaluation (
This ERIC site contains an abundance of resources on assessment of learning and on psychological measures. There is a link to what they consider the 400 best books and articles maintained in their Assessment Library. Many of the links are to full articles or monographs that can be viewed or printed. Also, there is a link to their on-line journal, Practical Assessment, Research and Evaluation, that provides articles on the latest assessment techniques.

Jossey-Bass publishers (
Under the topic Education, ASHE/ERIC Higher Education Report Series, there are several very good publications dealing with classroom assessment techniques, assessing faculty productivity, and college student outcomes assessment. Under the topic of Education, Assessment, this publisher offers over 20 publications on assessment in higher education. The books may be purchased online and are reasonably priced. Of special interest are the following:
1.) Assessing Graduate and Professional Education: Current Realities, Future Prospects, by Jennifer Grant Haworth (1996).
2.) Assessing Performance in an Age of Accountability, by Gerald H. Gaither (1995).
3.) Assessment and Curriculum Reform, by James L. Ratcliff (1992).
4.) Assessment in Practice, by Trudy W. Banta, Jon P. Lund, Karen E. Black, and Frances W. Oblander (1995).
5.) Assessment Essentials, by Catherine A. Palomba and Trudy W. Banta (1999).
6.) Changing the Way We Grade Student Performance, by Rebecca S. Anderson and Bruce W. Speck (1998).
7.) Classroom Assessment and Research: An Update on Uses, Approaches, and Research Findings, by Thomas Angelo (1998).
8.) Student Tracking: New Techniques, New Demands, by Peter T. Ewell (1995). Other publications by Jossey-Bass:
9.) Assessing Faculty Work: Enhancing Individual and Institutional Performance, by L.A. Braskamp and J.C. Ory (1994).
10.) Reflective Faculty Evaluation: Enhancing Teaching and Determining Faculty Effectiveness, by J.A. Centra (1993).

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