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Grant Thornton
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From Deloitte
The Deloitte IFRS University Consortium
The Deloitte FanTAXtic Tax Case Study Competition
Dbriefs Webcasts for Tax Professionals
Read the latest Deloitte TAX LLP events, reports and features
Learn more about the Deloitte Foundation

From EY
A summary of EY faculty resources are outlined in the EYARC Faculty Resources brochure.  All of these resources can be accessed through your EYARC account.  You can reach the EYARC site at  If you experience any access issues or do not have an EYARC account, please contact Catherine Banks, EYARC Progam Director, at to register for one.

From Grant Thornton
Grant Thornton - Tax news and information
Grant Thornton - Webcasts and Events
Grant Thornton - Developing Business Issues
Grant Thornton - Public Policy
Grant Thornton - IFRS Resource Center

KPMG Foundation website
KPMG University Connection offers free access to a wide range of classroom resources and tools. Registered faculty members can view and download robust classroom learning materials, authored by KPMG partners and professionals and leading academics, focused on topics such as accounting and auditing, tax, advisory, professional judgment, ethics, risk management, and corporate governance. Students have access to case studies, worksheets, videos, and other learning tools. RSS feeds and e-mail subscriptions notify site users of new content.Tax Curriculum Resources and Technical Videos
KPMG Tax Governance Institute
KPMG IFRS Institute
KPMG Professor Residency program
(posted 1/24/2013)

From PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC)
PwC Faculty Website
PwC Faculty Newsletter
PwC Open University
PwC Challenge Yourself: Interactive Business Cases
PwC Tax Webcasts
PwC Tax Publications
PwC Tax Newsletters

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