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Methods, Topics, and Issues in Tax Education: A Year 2001 Perspective, an ATA Teaching Monograph edited by Janet A. Meade, is now available on the ATA website (posted August 23, 2007)

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The PwC Case Studies in Taxation provide students with realistic fact situations in which a number of tax problems and opportunities can be identified. The cases include prospective as well as completed business transactions, so that students can incorporate tax planning into their solutions. The case studies cover various topical areas typically encountered in a second university tax course, or in a business-school graduate tax program. Deliverables by the student can include memos, presentations, spreadsheets, and tax forms. The cases easily can be modified by the instructor to change fact patterns or to select portions of the case for class work. Provided by the PwC Foundation, prepared by William A Raabe.
Information about the PwC Case Studies in Taxation
Listing of cases (including how to request cases)

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