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Tax Analysts has updated their "Tax Analysts Campus" application. Changes

- Web access per academic year in lieu of per semester.
- Added web access to Worldwide Tax Treaties collection, and State Tax Notes and Tax Notes International weekly magazines.

O Tax Notes Today (Daily)
O Tax Notes (Weekly)
O Federal Research Library
O State Tax Today (Daily)
O State Tax Notes (Weekly)
O Worldwide Tax Daily (Daily Online News Magazine)
O Tax Notes International (Weekly)
O Worldwide Tax Treaties

Just complete and fax the form to 703-533-4444 (click on the pdf link below).  

Complimentary Educational Access: Campus Application (current form as of 9/5/2013)

Each request is good for one academic year; the username and password that you will receive will allow for multiple sign-ons.  Faculty can choose to access any or all of the Tax Analysts resources, but a selection of all means that all must be available to the students during a semester. 

We owe the opportunity presented below to a person who wears many hats:  Richard (Dick) Larsen from E&Y, a member of the ATA Board of Trustees. Dick is also a board member for the Tax Analysts group.  At the 2006 Midyear trustees' meeting, Dick informed us that the Tax Analysts group is willing to give ATA members and their students free access to the following web-based Tax Analysts publications. If you take advantage of the excellent resource provided to ATA members, please send your thanks to Dick Larsen ( and Christopher Bergin (, the President and Publisher for Tax Analysts.  


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