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Call for Nominations

Management Accounting Section
Lifetime Contribution to Management Accounting Award

Purpose and Criteria:

The Lifetime Contribution Award is to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to management accounting education, research, and/or practice over a sustained period of time through scholarly endeavors, teaching excellence, educational innovation, and/or service to the Management Accounting Section. The award extends profession-wide recognition to the recipient and promotes role models in management accounting.


Given the purpose of the award is recognizing lifetime contributions in the field of management accounting, eligibility is intended to be broad and, thus, is not restricted to academics. However, a member of the American Accounting Association and the Management Accounting Section is preferred. Current members of the Lifetime Contribution to Management Accounting Award Comittee and the Management Accounting Section Executive Committee are ineligible for the award.


One award may be made each year. The winner will receive a plaque. News and Views will also publish an announcement recognizing the winner. The announcement and presentation of the award will be made at the Midyear Meeting of the Management Accounting Section.

Membership of the Lifetime Contribution to Management Accounting Committee:

The Committee will consist of three (3) members serving staggered three (3) year terms. The most senior member, i.e., the member with one year remaining on his or her term, will serve as chair.

Selection of Committee Members:

Each President will nominate one (1) member to the Committee.

Selection Process:

The call for nominations for the award will be broadly disseminated. It will appear in the spring issue of the Management Accounting Section's newsleter, News and Views, and any other locations the Committee deems desirable.

Nomination of a candidate is confidential. Each nomination must be accompanied by a brief supporting statement summarizing reasons for the nomination that are consistent with the award selection criteria. A nominee need not excel in all of the general criteria to merit consideration for the award. Nominations submitted within the past three years will be considered along with nominations submitted this year. Updates to previous nomination packages are welcome.

Nominations should be made to the Chair of the Lifetime Contribution to Management Accounting Award Committee of the Management Accounting Section. Nominations are due by September 1 of each year. Selection of the award will be made by the Lifetime Contribution to Mangagement Accounting Award Committee.

2007 Committee Chair:

Professor William Lanen
MAS Lifetime Contribution Award Committee
Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan
701 Tappan St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1234
Email: lanen@umich.edu

Prior Award Winners
  • 2006 — Robert S. Kaplan
  • 2005 — Gerald Feltham
  • 2004 — Charles Horngren
  • 2003 — Robert Anthony
  • 2002 — William W. Cooper


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