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Distinguished Contributions
to Accounting Literature Award

2014 Award Winner
Press Release

"Earnings management and investor protection: an international comparison"
Christian Leuz, Dhananjay Nanda, and Peter D. Wysocki
Journal of Financial Economics. Volume 69, Issue 3, September 2003, Pages 505-527.

2013 Award Winner
Press Release

"Earnings Management Through Real Activities Manipulation"
Sugata Roychowdhury
Journal of Accounting and Economics. Volume 42, Issue 3 (December 2006)
pp. 335-370.

2012 Award Winner
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"The Conservatism Principle and the Asymmetric Timeliness of Earnings"
Sudipta Basu
Journal of Accounting and Economics 1997

2011 Award Winner
Press Release

"Comprehensive Income Reporting and Analysts' Valuation Judgments"
D. Eric Hirst and Patrick E. Hopkins
Journal of Accounting Research Vol. 36, Studies on Enhancing the Financial Reporting Model (1998), pp. 47-75

2010 Award Winners
Press Release

"An empirical analysis of the relation between the board of director composition and financial statement fraud."
by Mark Beasley
The Accounting Review 71 (4): 443-465. 1996

"Causes and consequences of earnings manipulations: An analysis of firms subject to enforcement actions by the SEC."
by Patricia Dechow, Richard Sloan, and Amy Sweeney
Contemporary Accounting Research 13 (1): 1-36. 1996


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