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Call for Nominations
2011 Notable Contribution to the
Accounting Information Systems Literature Award

The Information Systems Section of the American Accounting Association announces the 2011 Notable Contributions to the Accounting Information Systems Literature Award competition. Its purpose is to recognize exceptional contributions to AIS research, theory and practice. Award winner(s) will be honored with a plaque presented at the Information Systems Section Business Meeting at the 2011 AAA Annual Meeting.

Criteria for the award

  • Impact on accounting information systems research, theory or practice communities.
  • Relevance to and impact on the IS and accounting research and practice communities.
  • Topical or methodological originality and innovation.
  • Exceptional development of theory.
  • Awards will be granted only if the committee deems a nominated paper's contribution meets criteria.
  • Evaluated criteria will include the quality and quantity of the nominated manuscripts' citations.

Consideration Requirements

  • Manuscripts:
    • Consideration shall be given to peer-reviewed books, monographs, and journal articles on research topics and methods in the field of accounting information systems (broadly defined).
    • Published journal articles may be in any journal.
    • The work must have been published prior to December 31, 2007.
    • At least one of the authors of the work must be a current member of the AAA.
  • Nominations:
    • Nomination must be made by an AAA IS Section member.
    • Self-nominations are encouraged.
    • Nominating letters (emails) should include statements of the importance of the work and its current or potential impact on accounting information systems theory or practice.
    • Electronic submissions preferred (one copy, Word or pdf format), paper submissions (four copies) accepted.
    • Members of this year's Notable Contribution committee are ineligible for this award.

This year's committee includes:

Faye Borthick:  borthick@gsu.edu
Casper Wiggins:  cwiggins@uncc.edu

Please send nominations to this year's Committee Chair:

Ron Clark:
Auburn University
School of Accounting
343 Lowder Business Bldg.
Auburn, AL 36849

Deadline for nominations: April 30, 2011



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