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Auditor Independence: Grants for Research Proposals

As reported in Accounting Education News (Fall 2000), the AAA received $500,000 to fund research dealing with the subject of auditor independence. The intention was to fund a small number of projects, with a preference for interdisciplinary teams. Applications were sought from accounting, philosophy, political science, economics, finance, the behavioral sciences, etc., and the following proposals were selected to receive grants:

Auditor Independence and the Intrusion of Unconscious Bias
Don A. Moore, Carnegie Mellon University
George Loewenstein, Carnegie Mellon University Max Bazerman, Harvard University

An Examination of Auditor Independence Issues
Deborah L. Lindbergh, Illinois State University
Frank D. Beck, Illinois State University

Auditor Independence and Non-Audit Services: What do Restatements Suggest?
Bill Kinney, University of Texas at Austin
Zoe-Vonna Palmrose, University of Southern California
Susan Scholz, University of Kansas

Corporate Governance, Non-Audit Services and Auditor Independence
Peter Pope, Lancaster University (UK)
Pelham Gore, Lancaster University (UK)
Ashni K. Singh, Lancaster University (UK)

Auditor Independence, the Provision of Non-Audit Services, and Financial Reporting: A Research Proposal
Rick Antle, Yale School of Management
Hollis Ashbaugh, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Elizabeth Gordon, Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Ganapathi Narayanamoorthy, Yale School of Management


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