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Teaching Resources

Model Tax Curriculum — Developed by the AICPA
In order to most effectively meet student needs, academia and the accounting profession must continue to work together to develop thought-provoking teaching materials such as cases and simulations.

Employing and Teaching the Gen-Y Student — November 3 Deloitte Foundation Web Cast

Replay Live Meeting: Click here to view the slides and listen to the audio recording through your computer, or type the following URL into your browser: https://www114.livemeeting.com/cc/dtevents/view?id=GenY
Note: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 with SP1 and above is required.

Then type in your first and last name, and click on the "view recording" button (Note: The recording ID field should be populated with "Gen Y". There is NO recording key field entry required). This Microsoft Live Meeting recording will be available for playback until June 30, 2007.

Listen to audio only: Please dial toll free: 1-800-839-1169 or dial toll: 1-203-369-3036. This audio recording will be available through June 30, 2007.

Case Research and Teaching Resources
Case research associations and organizations, plus AAA Section resources on teaching cases, and a variety of other online teaching cases

Accounting and Business Resources
Information and materials specific to teaching in accounting and business.

Scholarship of Teaching
What are some of the ways that we can investigate and analyze the complexities of teaching and learning? And, what are some of the ways that our investigations and analyses can be represented, communicated, and brought forward into professional conversation?

Curriculum Resources
Recommendations, materials and examples.

Technology in the Classroom
Ranging from content to process - resources include technology as content, information literacy, distance learning and broad issues related to technology in higher education.

Useful Materials and Resources

Related Organizations and Associations

AEN Faculty Development Updates — Teaching
(Archived Issues: Fall 1997–Summer 2001)

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