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  • AICPA Case Studies by Course - cases based on real-world accounting issues. The cases are arranged according to the AICPAs Core Competency Framework, which defines a set of skills-based "competencies" needed by all students entering the accounting profession.
  • AICPA Professor/Practitioner Case Development Program - An index of cases developed annually 1992-2004 is available. Cases, jointly developed by a practitioner and a professor, are for classroom use in the teaching primarily of financial accounting, managerial accounting, assurance services, e-commerce, and tax planning issues or information systems at the principles or intermediate levels. Educators are cautioned to carefully review cases issued in prior years to ascertain that they are still current prior to use in class.
  • Deloitte Case Studies - Browse recent client engagements by Industry or Service, and you'll find the work of thorough, knowledgeable and collaborative professionals determined to create value and solve business challenges.
  • IMA's Educational Case Journal
    A quarterly, on-line journal that publishes teaching cases and research related to case writing or teaching with cases in management accounting and related fields.
  • University of Waterloo Cases - Accounting ethics cases available from the Centre for Accounting Ethics, School of Accountancy University of Waterloo.
  • www.businesscases.org - Accounting and Finance (Fee Required)


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