AAA Financial Accounting and Reporting Section

Charge of the Academic Committee
to Liase with Practice

The FARS Academic Committee to Liase with Practice (ACLP) will develop mutually beneficial relationships with the accounting profession. In particular, the committee will encourage cross-fertilization of ideas by seeking opportunities to publish abstracts of accounting research papers in practitioner-oriented journals and by advocating the listing of tables of contents of those same practitioner-oriented journals in Accounting Horizons. The committee may recommend other relationships with practice as it sees fit, and such recommendations will be considered for approval by the FARS President, President-Elect and Steering Board. The chair of the ACLP is appointed by the FARS President Elect to serve a renewable term of 2 years. The committee chair is charged with identifying members to serve staggered one, two or three year terms, depending on the interests of the nominees and the needs of the committee. The committee will include the FARS Vice President from Practice, and at least one committee member should come from either the Auditing Section, the International Section or both.

Thus, this committee reaches out not only to practice, but also to other sections of the AAA.

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