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Call for Midyear Meeting Papers

The Third Annual Midyear Forensic and Investigative Accounting Conference will be held March 30-31, 2012, at the Loop Campus of DePaul University in Chicago, IL. The meetings are co-hosted by DePaul University and Roosevelt University. The conference will consist of keynote speakers, concurrent sessions dealing with a wide variety of fraud, forensic and investigative accounting topics, panel discussions, case work, and film previews.

Please consider submitting to the conference any of the following:

  1. Research papers (empirical, behavioral, pedagogical, etc.,) that deal with topics relevant to fraud, forensic or investigative accounting.
  2. Teaching Cases in fraud, forensic and investigative accounting. These papers will either be included in our "hands-on" sessions in which you will lead participants through the case as if they were students in your class or will be included in a poster session.
  3. Panel Discussions. If you have a relevant idea for a panel discussion and are willing to find and organize the participants, please submit a short write-up of your idea.
  4. Film. If you have created an original film, or use film in your forensic accounting class and can share your approach. Please submit a write-up and link to your film (if possible).
  5. Class Materials. We will also have a forum for class materials where you can share unique projects you do in your class that you are willing to share with others.

Please consider volunteering to participate as a reviewer, and/or moderator. Click Here for more volunteer information.

Submission Information and Deadline
Research papers include the requirement to submit separate electronic files containing the cover page (containing ONLY the title and abstract for the paper) and the paper itself. Teaching cases should be in a format similar to that used in Issues in Accounting Education. Submissions are not eligible for consideration if they have been published or accepted for publication.

Submissions must be made through the AAA FIA Section Submission and Peer Review System (SPRS). Click Here for more information about how to submit through the SPRS. Submissions must be completed by November 15, 2011. Papers will be sent to reviewers as they are received.

Hope to see you in Chicago.

Cindy Durtschi and Priscilla Burnaby
Midyear Meeting Program Committee 2012