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The mission of the Accounting Information Systems Section of the American Accounting Association is to create and disseminate knowledge of accounting information systems and all aspects of information technologies as they relate to accounting by promoting excellence in research, teaching, and practice.  The section encourages and supports new scholars and educators in the field. (As Approved by Membership August 2004)





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AAA-IS section Mid-Year Meeting



Research and education paper presentations with discussion, panels, plenary session, IS section business.  Papers may be submitted to both the conference and Journal of Information Systems

January; AAA-sponsored meeting; location varies

2005 ? Carolyn Strand Norman, ?Conference chair

International Research Symposium on AIS (IRSAIS)

( and follow ICIS link to the  Special Interest Group for Accounting Information Systems link to affiliated meetings)

Paper presentations with discussion/ International Journal of AIS

December; held with the International Conference on Information Systems; location varies with ICIS

William Kind, University of Pittsburgh, ?Co-Chair; Reza Torkzadeh, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, –Co-Chair

AIS Educator Conference and Training Sessions


A blend of hands-on training sessions and education-oriented research paper presentations

Late June/early July; no affiliated meeting; Colorado

2005 ?Stacy Kovar, ?Conference Chair

European Conference on Accounting Information Systems (ECAIS)


Research paper presentations and workshops

Late March to Mid May, held with the Annual Congress of the European Accounting Association; location varies with conference

Jim Hunton, Bentley College,

University of Waterloo Research Symposium on Information Systems Assurance



Research papers by academics and practitioners.

Fall; jointly sponsored by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, the Information Systems Audit and Control Association and the International Journal of Accounting Information Systems (IJAIS).

J. Efrim Boritz, University of Waterloo


AIS Textbooks

Bagranoff, Nancy A., Carolyn Strand Norman and Mark G. Simkin  Core Concepts of Accounting Information Systems 9th ed.  John Wiley and Sons, 2004.

 Bodnar, George H., and William S. Hopwood.  Accounting Information Systems 9th ed.  Prentice Hall, 2004.

 Dunn, Cheryl L., J. Owen Cherrington and Anita S. Hollander.  Enterprise Information Systems: A Pattern-Based Approach 3rd ed.  McGraw-Hill, 2005.

 Gelinas, Ulrich J. Jr.,  Steve Sutton and James Hutton.  Accounting Information Systems 6th ed.  South-Western College Publishing, 2005.

Gelinas, Ulrich J., Sutton, Steve, and Jane Fedorowicz. Business Processes and Information Technology, South-Western College Publishing, 2004.

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 Hall, James A.  Accounting Information Systems 4th ed. South-Western College Publishing, 2004.

Jones, Frederick L., Dasarath V. Rama .  Accounting Information Systems: A Business Process Approach 2nd ed.  South-western, 2006.

 Murthy, Uday S., and Michael S. Groomer.  Accounting Information Systems:  A Database Approach.

Romney, Marshall B., and Paul J. Steinbart.  Accounting Information Systems 10th ed.  Prentice Hall, 2006.

 Smith, L. Murphy, and Katherine T. Smith.  Accounting Information Systems.  Dame Publishing, 2001.

 Vaassen, Eddy.  Accounting Information Systems, a managerial approach.  Wiley, 2002.

 AIS “Add-On?Textbooks

Arens, Alvin A. and D. Dewey Ward. Systems Understanding Aid. Armond Dalton Publishers, Inc. (ISBN 0-912503-10-6)

 Buckless, Frank A., Laura R. Ingraham, and J. Gregory Jenkins.  Comprehensive Assurance & Systems Tool.  Prentice Hall, 2005.

 Lam, Monica, and Merle P. Martin.  Accounting Information Systems Cases and Readings.  Prentice Hall, 2002.

AIS Textbooks for “Hands-On?applications


Adamski, Joe and Kathy Finnigan.  New Perspectives on Microsoft Access 2003 ?Comprehensive, 2nded. Course Technologies, 2003 (ISBN 0-619-26807-7)

 Balter, Alison. Alison Balter’s Mastering Microsoft Office Access 2003. Sams Publisher, 2004.

 Barber, Maryann and Robert T. Grauer. Exploring Microsoft Office Plus Edition with Additional Excel and Access. Prentice Hall, 2006.

Owen, Glenn. Excel?and Access?in Accounting. South-Western, 2003. (ISBN 0-324-06857-3).

Perry, James T., and Gary P. Schneider.  Building Accounting Systems Using Access 2000 with CD ROM.  South-Western Pub., 2000. 

 Perry, James T., and Gary P. Schneider. Building Accounting Systems Using Access 2003. South-Western Pub., 2005. 

Perry, James T., and Gary P. Schneider.  Using Access 2002 in Accounting. South-Western Pub., 2003. 


Adkins, Kathleen.  Building Business Spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel. South-Western Pub., 2002 (ISBN 0-324-13151-8).

Lopex, Patti. Getting Started with Excel, Prentice Hall 2003. (ISBN 0-13-047303-0)

 Owen, Glenn. Excel?and Access?for Accounting. South-Western, 2003. (ISBN 0-324-06857-3).

Smith, Gaylord N. Excel Applications for Accounting Principles, 2nd ed. South-Western College Publishing, 2004.

Smith, Katherine T., L. Murphy T. Smith and Lawrence C. Smith. Microsoft Excel for Accounting: Auditing and AIS. Prentice Hall, 2003 (ISBN 0-13-008552-9)

Yacht, Carol. Excel Accounting w/ CD-ROM, 1sted. McGraw-Hill, 2005. (ISBN 0-07-298781-2)

 Great Plains:

Arens, Alvin A. and D. Dewey Ward.  Computerized Accounting Using Great Plains Dynamics, 2nd ed.  Armond Dalton Publishers Inc. (2001) (ISBN 0-912503-15-7)

Lehman, Mark W. Computer Assisted Auditing with Great Plains Dynamics Revised. South-Western College of Publishing, 2003.

 Yacht. Computer Accounting Essentials with Great Plains, 1sted. McGraw-Hill, 2006. (ISBN 0-07-312966-6)


Buckless, Frank A., Ingraham, Laura R. and James G. Jenkins. Computerized AIS Practice Set with Peachtree Complete 2004 1st ed. Prentice Hall, 2005.

Heintz, James A.; Parry, Robert W.; Ulmer, Donna K. Accounting Workbook for Peachtree 2004 Packaged with College Accounting, Chapters 4-29 CD-ROM, 18th ed. South-Western College Publishing, 2005.

Horne, Janet and Errol Osteraa. Peachtree Complete Accounting 2002. Prentice Hall, 2003 (ISBN 0-13-078118-5).

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Osteraa, Errol.  Getting Started with Peachtree 8.0.  Prentice Hall, 2002. (ISBN 0-13-062264-8).

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 Yacht, Carol and Susan Crosson. Computer Accounting Essentials Using EPeachtree, 2nded. McGraw-Hill, 2005. (ISBN:  0-07-299938-1).



Horne, Janet. Computerized Accounting with Quickbooks Pro 2000 with Update for Pro 2001. Prentice Hall, 2001 (ISBN 0-13-065593-7).

 Horne, Janet. QuickBooks Pro 2004: An Introduction.  Prentice Hall, 2005 (ISBN 0-13-152380-5)

 Horne, Janet. Quickbooks Pro 2004: A Complete Course,2nded.  Prentice Hall, 2005 (ISBN 0-13-152378-3)

 Owen, Glenn. Using Quickbooks Pro 2004 for Accounting, 3rd ed. South-Western College Publishing, 2005.

Owen, Glenn. Using Quickbooks Pro 2005 for Accounting (w/ CD-ROM), 4th ed. South-Western College Publishing, 2006.

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 Yacht, Carol and Susan Crosson. Computer Accounting Essentials Using Quickbooks 2nded. McGraw-Hill, 2005. (ISBN:  0-07-29993-9x).


Specialized AIS Publication Outlets

Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting - American Accounting Association Artificial Intelligence/Emerging Technologies section journal, Miklos Vaserhelyi, Editor.

 Journal of Information Systems ? American Accounting Association Information Systems Section journal, Brad Tuttle, Editor.

International Journal of Accounting Information Systems ?Elsevier Science, Steve Sutton, Editor.

The Review of Business Information Systems ?Western Academic Press, Inc., Ronald C. Clute, Managing Editor (

International Journal of Intelligent Systems in Accounting, Finance and Management ?John Wiley and Sons, Inc., Daniel E. O’Leary, Editor.

The International Journal of Digital Accounting Research - Co-edited by: Enrique Bonsón and Miklos Vasarhelyi -

 Online Discussion Groups

Accounting Education using Computers and Multimedia ?read about the list or subscribe at:

Useful Online Sites - an online version of CIO magazine - an online version of Business2.0 magazine ?an online version of Computerworld ?an online IT encyclopedia

Peruse the HBSP website for new cases or white papers on topics of interest.

 ERP Resources

Necessary But Not Sufficient  - Eliyahu M. Goldratt, Eli Schragenheim, and Carol A. Ptak, Great Barrington, MA  The North River Press, 2000.


E-business and ERP:  Transforming the Enterprise with E-Business: Rapid Implementation & Project Planning Set, G. Norris. LLP, Wiley, NY, 2000.


E-Business and ERP: Rapid Implementation and Project Planning. Shields, Murrel. Wiley, 2001


Enterprise Resource Planning Systems:  Systems, Life Cycle, Electronic Commerce, and Risk.  Daniel E. O’Leary, Cambridge University Press, 2000.


Enterprise Resources Planning and Beyond:  Integrating Your Entire Organization.  Gary A. Langenwalter.  St. Lucie Press. 2000.


Integrated Auditing of ERP Systems. Musaji, Yusufali. Wiley, 2002.


Mission Critical: Realizing the Promise of Enterprise Systems. T. Davenport. Harvard Business School Press. 2000.


Articles and industry information -,


Accounting and ERP software and software selection information ?


E-Commerce Resources

Electronic Commerce:  Security, Risk Management, and Control 2nd ed. Marilyn Greenstein and Miklos Vaserhelyi, Irwin McGraw-Hill, 2002. 


E-Business:  Principles and Strategies for Accountants, 2nded.  Stephen M. Glover, Stephen W. Liddle, and Douglas F. Prawitt, Prentice Hall, 2003.


Cases in Electronic Commerce, 2nded.  Sid L. Huff. McGraw-Hill, 2002.


Taking Care of eBusiness.  Thomas M. Siebel.  Doubleday, 2001.


For information about XBRL, go to or


For information about ebXML, go to


Internet security web sites: 

     CERT -

     SANS - - interesting is

     TISC - the internet security consortium -

     Security Focus - - good for reviewing vulnerabilities

     Information Security magazine ? - free magazine

    Astalavista Security Group ? - vulnerabilities, hacking

    At Stake ? ?LC5 password auditing and recovery utility

    Somarsoft ? - DumpSec, DumpReg, DumpEvt utilities for auditing WindowsNT environments


Internal Control Resources :


AICPA  (Internal Controls, Web Trust)

Rutgers ?RAW

Internal Auditors Group

Certified Fraud Examiners



Controls in Computerized Environment Resources


Overall ?IS World

Information Systems Audit and Control (COBIT)

Center for Internet Security:

Securing your web site

Computer Ethics


REA and Semantic Modeling Resources

The “Stevie?web site run by Guido Geerts at University of Delaware contains problems for practicing cardinalities.  It can be found at:  The id is:  intro.  The password is:  public.

SMAP:  Semantic Modeling of Accounting Phenomena is a workshop led by Bill McCarthy and Julie Smith David to provide academics interested in REA research and teaching an opportunity to share semantic modeling research ideas and results for half a day and to share semantic modeling teaching ideas and cases for half a day.  It is held in conjunction with the IS Section Midyear meeting. 

 Bill McCarthy has created a web page that provides links to many of the important REA papers:

 Harriet Maccracken, Phil Reckers and Julie Smith David have developed a tool to integrate semantic modeling of business processes, supply chain concepts and ERP with accounting.  You can see their software at

 AAA-Sponsored "Summer Camp" led by Bill McCarthy.  Held at Michigan State University.  An intensive week-long workshop on REA and data modeling.  Look under meetings at the AAA URL ?it is entitled ?/span>Intensive Workshop on Teaching AIS?


Knowledge Management Resources:

 Common Knowledge. Nancy M. Dixon, Harvard Business School Press, 2000.

If only we knew what we know.  Carla O’Dell, C. Jackson Grayson, Jr. The Free Press, 1998.

 The Wealth of Knowledge.  Thomas A. Stewart, Random House, 200.

Working Knowledge.  Thomas H. Davenport, Laurence Prusak.  Harvard Business School Press, 2000.

 Knowledge Management web sites:  Knowledge Management Forum:  Users can contribute, but it also has a good reference page with abstracts.


Accounting/ERP Software Selection and Related Web Sites:  This site includes a directory of accounting software companies and other resources for information about accounting systems.  This site includes news items of interest to accountants that are related to technology.  This is the home page for Computer Training Services, a company that sells products and services for consultants and managers to use in selecting accounting software.  This is the site for a not-for-profit organization where financial systems professionals exchange information in discussion groups related to their interests.  A comprehensive Web source with information about accounting and ERP software for accountants and consultants. A software news service for accounting software buyers containing links to software vendors.  This site is an Accounting System Selector that advertises The Accounting Library.

AIS Faculty Syllabi and websites

 Alex Kogan’s course links:


Marianne Bradford’s graduate AIS course:

Jandish Gangolly’s course links :

 Acc681 Accounting Information Systems

Acc 682 Analysis & Design of Accounting Databases

Acc 680 Research Seminar in Accounting:
    Security & Privacy in Electronic Commerce

Acc 683 Topics in Accounting Information Systems
    (Web Application Development & XML)


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