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Miscellaneous Publications

A Review of Innovative Approaches to College Teaching
By Beatrice Gross, Ronald Gross. Published 1980, 68 pages.

This new study was commissioned to organize and summarize previous research into innovative teaching methods on college and university campuses.

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A Statement of Accounting Principles
By Thomas H. Sanders, Henry R. Hatfield, Underhill Moore. Published 1938, 138 pages.

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A Statement of Basic Accounting Theory
By The Committee to Prepare a Statement of Basic Accounting Theory. Published 1966, 100 pages.

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Accounting & Reporting Standards for Corporate Financial Statements & Preceding Statements & Supplements
Published 1957, 64 pages.

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Accounting Students and Abstract Reasoning
By George E. Shute. Published 1979, 71 pages.

This Research Report represents the first stage of a full scale study of the cognitive development of accounting students. This report discusses how the development of analytic reasoning is the concern of educators concerned with the professional development of practicing accountants as well as the development of students in collegiate accounting courses.

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American Accounting Association, Its First 50 Years--1916-1966
By Stephen A. Zeff. Reprinted in 1991.

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Effects of Price Level Changes on Business Income, Capital and Taxes
By Ralph C. Jones. Published 1956, 199 pages.

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Ethics in the Accounting Curriculum: Cases & Readings
Edited by William W. May. Published 1990.

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Monograph No. 3. An Introduction to Corporate Accounting Standards
By W. A. Paton and A. C. Littleton. Published 1940, 156 pages.

A coherent, coordinated, consistent body of doctrine, expressing the standards by which corporation accounting may be judged.

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Monograph No. 5. Structure of Accounting Theory
By A. C. Littleton. Published 1953, 234 pages.

This material is presented in two parts. Part I "Nature of Accounting" which lays down the clues which in Part II "Nature of Theory" leads to the formulation of a number of specific principles.

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Monograph No. 6. The Philosophy of Auditing
By R. K. Mautz and Hussein A. Sharaf. Published 1961, 299 pages.

This monograph attempts to summarize the structure of auditing theory both from the perspective of its historical evolution and with a view toward its probable future development.

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Price Level Changes and Financial Statements, Basic Concepts and Methods
By Perry Mason. Published 1956, 32 pages.

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Price Level Changes and Financial Statements, Case Studies of Four Companies
By Ralph C. Jones. Published 1955, 179 pages.

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Statement on Accounting Theory and Theory Acceptance
By The Committee on Concepts and Standards for External Financial Reports. Published 1977, 61 pages.

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The Third-Quarter Century of the American Accounting Association--1966-1991
By Dale L. Flesher. Published 1991.

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Trueblood--Auditing & Case Studies
By Deloitte & Touche and American Accounting Association. Updated 1988.

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