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Management Accounting Section of the American Accounting Association

Abstracts of Management Accounting Related Educational Articles

The Educational Resources Committee of the MAS is pleased to provide section members with the abstracts of relevant articles published to date in all the major accounting education journals. These abstracts relate both to research studies (e.g., "Main Section" articles) and instructional resources (e.g., teaching-related papers and cases). We hope you find the information contained herein to be useful, for both instructional and research purposes. Please forward to the Co-Chairs of the MAS Instructional Resources Committee, Nicholas Fessler (nfessler@ucmo.edu) or Marty Stuebs (Marty_Stuebs@baylor.edu) your comments and suggestions. Do you find the information contained herein to be useful? How can we improve this site? Thanks for your feedback.

Accounting Education: A Journal of Theory, Practice and Research

Accounting Education: An International Journal

The Accounting Educators' Journal

Advances in Accounting Education

The Journal of Accounting Case Research and Accounting Perspectives
(Note: JACR merged into Accounting Perspectives in 2007)

The Journal of Accounting Education

Issues in Accounting Education:

Main Section Articles
Instructional Resources