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Steve Berlin/CITGO Grant Recipients

Professors Michael Ettredge, Vernon Richardson and Susan Scholz, of University of Kansas, have been selected to receive a Steve Berlin/CITGO grant to study "Determinants of Voluntary Disclosure of Financial Data at Corporate Web Sites." Their research will investigate relations between extent of financial disclosure at companies' web sites and proxies for companies' incentives to disclose. These proxies include firm and investor class characteristics (e.g., proportion retail, as opposed to institutional, investors). The results of this study will enhance our understanding of the strategic use of disclosure of financial information via electronic media to reduce information asymmetries.

The purpose of the Steve Berlin/CITGO annual grant program is to fund research that enhances our understanding of issues managers face in reporting to the public the past and anticipated future performance of their companies. Research proposals are solicited through announcements in Accounting Education News and are due by March 15 each year.

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