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1999 Outstanding Service Award

Michael R. MooreMichael R. Moore received the Outstanding Service Award on August 18, 1999 at the AAA Annual Meeting in San Diego, California. Incoming AAA President, Jan R. Williams, presented the award citation, which reads as follows:

"Michael R. Moore has demonstrated outstanding service to the American Accounting Association over a prolonged number of years by furthering the Association's long-term planning efforts. Through his leadership and facilitation the Executive Committee has developed and implemented a strategic plan that places the Association at the forefront of academic organizations. Michael R. Moore has dedicated his time and energy throughout his career to furthering the goals of the American Accounting Association, accounting education, and the accounting profession. In recognition of his exceptional contributions to accounting academia we are pleased to present to him the Association's Outstanding Service Award."

The Outstanding Service Award may be awarded once each year to recognize outstanding services to the Association other than educational and research contributions.

Previous award recipients include:

  • 1991—Paul L. Gerhardt, former AAA Executive Director
  • 1998—Miklos A Vasarhelyi, Rutgers University-Newark
  • 1998—Clinton E. (Skip) White, Jr., University of Delaware


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