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Vivek Mande Appointed
Academic Accounting Fellow
Office of Economic Analysis

The Securities and Exchange Commission's Office of Economic Analysis recently selected Professor Vivek Mande as the Academic Accounting Fellow for a one-year term beginning August 2001. Currently, Professor Mande is the William Hockett Professor of Accountancy at the University of Nebraska at Omaha where he teaches International and Financial Accounting. He serves on the University's Faculty Senate and Graduate Councils and is the Graduate Program Advisor for the Master of Accounting Program in the Department of Accounting.

Prior to joining University of Nebraska at Omaha faculty in 1992, Professor Mande was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Accounting at The City University of New York-Baruch. He also held a visiting faculty appointment at the University of Arizona. Professor Mande holds a Ph.D. in Accounting from the Anderson Graduate School of Management, UCLA and a M.S. in Accounting from Washington State University. He is an Associate Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants, India.

Professor Mande's research interests include various issues concerning U.S. and international capital markets and accounting . He has examined how U.S. and international financial analysts use financial data to make predictions and has studied the reaction of stock markets to analysts' predictions and other information releases. His research findings have been published in Contemporary Accounting Research, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, International Journal of Accounting, Abacus, Accounting and Business Research and a number of other journals.

At the Commission, the Academic Accounting Fellow serves as a research resource for the staff by interpreting and communicating research materials as they relate to various areas of interest to the SEC. In addition, the Academic Fellow has been assigned to ongoing projects in the Office of Economic Analysis, including designing and conducting studies of the economic impact of existing and proposed rules, providing analytical support and advice to the Chief Economist and senior Commission staff on regulatory policy, enforcement policy, and financial economics as it relates to financial reporting and auditing.

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