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AAA Newsroom

Welcome to the Newsroom of the American Accounting Association. Here you'll find press releases on the latest happenings at the AAA. If you have any questions about the AAA or would like any additional information about the items listed below, please contact:

Nancy Maciag
American Accounting Association
Phone: 941-556-4131

In Memorium
The American Accounting Association remembers and honors our colleagues who have truly been thought leaders in accounting education and have helped shape the future of accounting through their teaching and research. Please join us in sending our condolences to the families of these longtime and influential members of the association.

Abraham J. Briloff
William Wager Cooper

Adolf Jan Henri Enthoven
Walter G. Kell

Log on to the Memorial page on the AAACommons to read the memorials for other influential leaders and members. The AAA thanks members and friends for providing these thoughtful and personal obituaries, particularly Stephen Zeff, Rice University.

Latest Press Release:

4/11/14 – Even in the absence of government mandates, Wall St. exacts stiff penalties for carbon emissions – and failure to disclose them.
Read the full text article HERE.

3/21/14 – Why offer signing bonuses when there's no shortage of workers? It's a matter of trust, new research finds
Read the full text article HERE.

2/24/14 – Investors prove sophisticated at judging the plausibility of firms' self-serving earnings claims, using two key tests.
Read the full text article HERE.

1/29/14 – Following earnings restatements, companies lose credibility with investors for 3 years, much longer than previously believed.
Read the full text article HERE.

1/8/14 – Corporate social responsibility has subconscious effect on investors, study finds.
Read the full text article HERE.

More from the AAA Newsroom

AAA in the News:

3/21/14 – Signing Bonuses Pay Off - for Employers
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3/12/14 – CPA Practice Advisors: Earnings Restatements Can Cause Long-Term Loss of Credibility
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3/4/14 – WG&L Accounting & Compliance: Investors Weigh a Broad Range of Factors Behind Earnings Reports
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2/27/14 – Investors Don’t Buy Corporate Yarn-Spinning
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2/26/14 – Accounting Today: Investors Prove Wise at Judging Self-Serving Earnings Explanations
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2/3/14 – Accounting Today: Companies Lose Credibility for 3 Years after Material Earnings Restatements
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1/30/14 – Wall Street Journal: Restatements Sully Future Credibility: Study
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1/30/14 – WG&L Accounting & Compliance Alert: Stock Price Can Suffer for Two to Three Years After a Restatement
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1/29/14 – Compliance Week: Investors Punish Material Restatements, Study Says
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1/21/14 – Harvard Business Review: Investors May React Emotionally to Corporate Responsibility
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1/10/14 – Accounting Today: Investors Swayed by Corporate Social Responsibility Reputation
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12/16/13 – WG&L Accounting & Compliance Alert: Ties Between CEO and Audit Committee Members May Weaken Financial Reporting
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12/13/13 – Accounting Web: Study Examines Audit Committee Members' Social Ties with CEOs
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12/10/13 – Reuters: Clubby ties between U.S. CEOs and board audit committees: study
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12/10/13 – Accounting Today: Study: CEOs Have Too Many Friends on the Audit Committee
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More AAA in The News


Leading Risk Management and Internal Control Professional Robert Hirth Named New Chairman of COSO
June 3, 2013 – COSO has named Robert B. Hirth Jr. as its new Chairman for a three-year term effective today. A prolific thought leader, renowned risk management and internal control professional, Hirth was selected for this position after a four-month extensive search. Hirth succeeds David L. Landsittel, CPA, who has served as COSO chairman since 2009.
View the press release and Mr. Hirth's biography.

COSO Issues Updated Internal Control-Integrated Framework and Related Illustrative Documents
May 14, 2013 – The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) – an organization providing thought leadership and guidance on internal control, enterprise risk management, and fraud deterrence – issued today its updated Internal Control–Integrated Framework (Framework) and related illustrative documents. COSO's original Framework published in 1992 is recognized as the leading guidance for designing, implementing and conducting internal control and assessing its effectiveness.
View press release, executive summary, and FAQs.

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