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AAA Newsroom

Welcome to the Newsroom of the American Accounting Association. Here you'll find press releases on the latest happenings at the AAA. If you have any questions about the AAA or would like any additional information about the items listed below, please contact:

Nancy Maciag
American Accounting Association
Phone: 941-556-4131

In Memorium
The American Accounting Association remembers and honors our colleagues who have truly been thought leaders in accounting education and have helped shape the future of accounting through their teaching and research. Please join us in sending our condolences to the families of these longtime and influential members of the association.

George J. Staubus
George Roudebush Catlett

Log on to the Memorial page on the AAACommons to read the memorials for other influential leaders and members. The AAA thanks members and friends for providing these thoughtful and personal obituaries, particularly Stephen Zeff, Rice University.

Latest Press Release:

1/20/15 - Executive-pay clawbacks mandated by Dodd-Frank may not be the boon to investors they were intended to be, new study says
Read the full text article HERE

1/15/15 - AICPA and AAA Announce Next Steps for Pathways Commission

12/29/14 - Women CFOs shun risky tax dodges,but that can be a problem, study suggests
Read the full text article HERE

12/1/14 - Accelerating the disclosure of corporate audit fees would be a boon for investors, new study suggests
Read the full text article HERE

11/3/14 - CFO VS. AUDIT COMMITTEE: Despite Sarbanes-Oxley, audit-committee dominance of corporate financial reporting remains as much a hope as a reality, study suggests
Read the full text article HERE

10/8/14 - Sudden unexplained jumps or drops in a stock's price bode ill for the long run, study finds
Read the full text article HERE

9/15/14 - Slashing CEO pay improves firm performance - but only superficially
Read the full text article HERE

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AAA in the News:

1/26/15 - WG&L Compliance Alert: Study Warns of "Unintended Consequences" in Dodd-Frank Clawback Provisions
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1/21/15 - CFO: Adoption of Clawbacks Tied to Earnings Manipulation
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1/20/15 - Accounting Today: Clawbacks Can Lead to Accounting Gimmicks
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1/8/15 - Women CFOs less fond of tax shelters
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1/9/15 - CNBC: Fund with woman’s touch beating market
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12/30/14 - Accounting Today: Female CFOs Avoid Risky Tax Strategies
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12/30/14 - CFO: Women CFOs Less Likely to Use Tax Shelters, Study Finds
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12/29/14 - Reuters: Female CFOs less inclined to risky business tax-dodging: U.S. Study
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12/29/14 - Dow Jones Newswires: Female Finance Chiefs Shy Away From Tax Shelters - Market Talk
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12/8/14 - Accounting Web: Study: Accelerating the disclosure of corporate audit fees would be a boon for investors
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12/18/14 - WG&L Compliance Alert: Study Makes Case for Timely Disclosure of Audit Fees
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12/2/14 - Accounting Today: Faster Disclosure of Audit Fee Increases Helps Investors Assess Company Trouble Earlier
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12/1/14 - CFO: Study Urges Faster Disclosure of Audit Fees
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11/17/14 - Bloomberg BNA: Latest Accounting and Auditing Nov. 2014 Highlights
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11/12/14 - WG&L Compliance Alert: Study Finds CFOs Set Audit Fees, Ignore SOX Requirement
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11/4/14 - Compliance Week: Study Says CFOs Still Control Audit Fees at Many Companies
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11/4/14 - Accounting Web: Recession-era audit fees vary by CFO tenure: Study
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11/3/14 - Accounting Today:  Audit Committees Found to Have Little Influence on Audit Fees
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11/3/14 - Wall Street Journal: Recession-Era Audit Fees Vary By CFO Tenure: Study
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11/1/14 - The directors, the stocks and the tomatoes
Related paper abstract

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Leading Risk Management and Internal Control Professional Robert Hirth Named New Chairman of COSO
June 3, 2013 – COSO has named Robert B. Hirth Jr. as its new Chairman for a three-year term effective today. A prolific thought leader, renowned risk management and internal control professional, Hirth was selected for this position after a four-month extensive search. Hirth succeeds David L. Landsittel, CPA, who has served as COSO chairman since 2009.
View the press release and Mr. Hirth's biography.

COSO Issues Updated Internal Control-Integrated Framework and Related Illustrative Documents
May 14, 2013 – The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) – an organization providing thought leadership and guidance on internal control, enterprise risk management, and fraud deterrence – issued today its updated Internal Control–Integrated Framework (Framework) and related illustrative documents. COSO's original Framework published in 1992 is recognized as the leading guidance for designing, implementing and conducting internal control and assessing its effectiveness.
View press release, executive summary, and FAQs.

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