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The Accounting Review
Volume 87 starts January 2012
ISSN 0001-4826
The premier journal for publishing articles reporting the results of accounting research and explaining and illustrating related research methodology. Published six times a year.
Issues in Accounting Education
Volume 27 starts February 2012
ISSN 0739-3172
Publishes research, commentaries, instructional resources, and book reviews that assist accounting faculty in teaching and that address important issues in accounting education. Published quarterly.
Accounting Horizons
Volume 26 starts March 2012
ISSN 0888-7993
Publishes papers focusing on the scholarship of integration and application. Published quarterly.
Accounting and the Public Interest
Volume 12 - 2012
ISSN 1530-9320
An innovative journal that publishes alternative theories and methodologies as well as the more traditional ones. Studies and findings are linked to the public interest by situating them within the historical, social, and political context, and ultimately providing guidance for responsible action. Published annually.
AUDITING: A Journal of Practice & Theory
Volume 31 starts May 2012
ISSN 0278-0380
Contributes to improving the practice and theory of auditing and encompasses internal and external auditing as well as other attestation activities (phenomena). Papers report results of original research that embody improvements in auditing theory or auditing methodology, discussion and analysis of current issues that bear on prospects for developments in auditing practice and in auditing research, and practices and developments in auditing in different countries. Published quarterly.
Behavioral Research in Accounting
Volume 24 - 2012
ISSN 1050-4753
Original research relating to accounting and how it affects and is affected by individuals and organizations. Theoretical papers and papers based upon empirical research (e.g., field, survey and experimental research). Published semi-annually.
Current Issues in Auditing
Volume 6 - 2012
ISSN 1936-1270
Devoted to advancing the dialogue between academics and practitioners on current issues facing the auditing practice community (e.g., new opportunities and challenges, emerging areas, global developments, effects of new regulations or pronouncements, and effects of technological or market developments on audit processes). Published semi-annually.
Journal of the American Taxation Association
Volume 33 starts Spring 2012
ISSN 0198-9073
Promotes the study of, and the acquisition of knowledge about, taxation. Dedicated to disseminating a wide variety of tax knowledge with research that employs quantitative, analytical, experimental, and descriptive methods to address tax topics. Published semi-annually.
Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting
Volume 9 - 2012
ISSN 1554-1908
To encourage, support, and disseminate the production of a stream of high-quality research focused on emerging technologies and artificial intelligence applied or applicable to a wide set of accounting related problems. Published annually.
Journal of Information Systems
Volume 26 starts Spring 2012
ISSN 0888-7985
Publishes academic and educational research, and the reports of practice advances related to information systems and information technology to support, promote, and improve information systems and information technology research, education, and practice. Published semi-annually.
Journal of International Accounting Research
Volume 11 - 2012
ISSN 1542-6297
Publishes articles that increase our understanding of the development and use of international accounting and reporting practices or attempt to improve extant practices. International accounting is broadly interpreted to include the reporting of international economic transactions; the study of differences among practices across countries; the study of interesting institutional and cultural factors that shape practices in a single country but have international implications; and the effect of international accounting practices on users. Published semi-annually.
The ATA Journal of Legal Tax Research
Volume 10 - 2012
ISSN 1543-866X
Publishes creative and innovative studies employing legal research methodologies that logically and clearly identify, describe, and illuminate important current tax issues including the history, development, and congressional intent of specific provisions, propose improvements in tax systems and unique solutions to problems, and critically analyze proposed or recent tax rule changes from both technical and policy perspectives. Published semi-annually.
Journal of Management Accounting Research
Volume 24 - 2012
ISSN 1049-2127
Contributes to improving the theory and practice of management accounting by promoting high-quality applied and theoretical research. Papers relate to internal reporting and decision making, the interface between internal and external reporting, profit and not-for-profit organizations, service and manufacturing organizations and domestic, foreign and multinational organizations. Published annually.

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