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2012 Western
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Call for Submissions/ Volunteers

Paper and ELS submissions should be made through the AAA West Submission and Peer Review System (SPRS): The deadline for all submissions (papers, panels, Effective Learning Strategies presentations, and Special Concurrent Sessions) other than CPE sessions is Monday, January 16, 2012 (by 11:59 pm Pacific Time). Earlier submissions are encouraged. Please note we have an earlier deadline for proposals for CPE sessions of Monday, October 24, 2011 (by 11:59 pm Pacific Time).

To submit a paper:

  1. Prepare two separate documents, one for your paper, one for your abstract.
    1. Research papers may be submitted which relate to the meeting's theme "Accountants and Accounting – Global Impact," as well as other accounting relevant Subject Areas.
  2. Do not include any author name(s) or contact information in either document. (You will be identified by the submission system only)
  3. Both documents should be double-spaced, in 12-point font, with 1" margins.
  4. Log into the AAA Western Region SPRS, click "Create Program Submission", and follow the instructions within the submission form.
  5. AWARDS: There are Conference awards for Best Manuscript and Best Doctoral Student Paper.
    1. If you are interested in having your paper considered for the Best Doctoral Student Paper Award, you must indicate that you are a Doctoral Student under "Special Submission Considerations" on the Detailed Information tab of the SPRS submission form.

To submit proposals for Effective Learning Strategies poster presentations:

  1. Prepare a document with the following information
    1. DETAILED DESCRIPTION: In 200 words or less, describe the idea, resource, teaching strategy, or education innovation that supports learning in accounting including the key issues and concepts that will be addressed. Include learning outcomes – What will participants learn from your poster presentation? (Limit: approximately 200 words – 1250 characters)
    2. PROMOTIONAL DESCRIPTION: In 40 words or less, "sell" your poster presentation to a prospective attendee. What is the essence of the ELS Poster Session? What will the audience learn? This is your chance to market your best practice, so try to make the description appealing, but not misleading. (Limit: approximately 40 words – 350 characters)
  2. Do not include any submitter name(s) or contact information in the document.
  3. Log into the AAA Western Region SPRS, click "Create Program Submission", and follow the instructions within the submission form.

To submit proposals for panels, Special Concurrent Sessions, and CPE sessions:

  1. Prepare a document with your proposal describing the subject of the proposed panel and planned panelists.
  2. Please note proposals for CPE sessions have an earlier deadline of Monday, October 24, 2011 (by 11:59 pm Pacific Time).
  3. Send the document to Stephen Wheeler at swheeler@PACIFIC.EDU.

To volunteer to be a Reviewer/Moderator/Discussant/Volunteer:

  1. Log in to the AAA Western Region SPRS.
  2. Click "Modify Profile/Volunteer Information," and scroll down the profile page until you see the volunteer drop down lists. In the drop down list for "Conference Role(s) Interested In," select those roles in which you would like to play a part for the Western Region Meeting. The meeting coordinators will search for you based upon your selections in this drop down list.
  3. So that the coordinators can assign you to submissions that best fit your expertise, make selections for as many of the other drop-down lists as you feel are applicable. Making selections for "Research Method" and "Topic" classifications would be especially helpful.

Papers submitted to a regional meeting also may have been submitted to the American Accounting Association National meeting or Midyear sectional meetings, but should not have been published elsewhere before the Western Regional meeting. Individuals who submit multiple papers will be limited to two (2) acceptances.

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