American Accounting Association


Section Liaisons

Accounting, Behavior, and Organizations
Pennie Bagley
Appalacian State University

Accounting Programs Leadership Group
Jim Young
University of Northern Illinois

American Taxation Association
B. Charlene Henderson
Mississippi State University

Karla Johnstone
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Marsha Keune
University of South Carolina

Raymond J. Elson
Valdosta State University

Financial Accounting and Reporting
Darren Roulstone
The Ohio State University

Forensic and Investigative Accounting
Richard Brody
University of New Mexico

Gender Issues and Worklife Balance
Don Ariail
Southern Polytechnic State University

Government and Nonprofit
Terry Patton
Midwestern State University

Information Systems
Patrick Wheeler
University of Missouri

Accounting History
C. Richard Baker
Adelphi University

International Accounting
Raynolde Pereira
University of Missouri—Columbia

Mahendra Gujarathi
Bentley University

Management Accounting
Brian Mittendorf
Ohio State University

Public Interest
Lois Mahoney
Eastern Michigan University

Strategic and Emerging Technologies
Andreas Nicolaou
Bowling Green State University

Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum
Martha Doran
San Diego State University

Cassy Budd
Brigham Young University

Two Year College
Barbara Thomas
Illinois Central College

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