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A lot has changed for the AAA over the past 100 years. Let’s look at a brief comparison:





The American Association of University Instructors in Accounting

American Accounting Association

Membership Dues


$225 (Full Member)

Membership Numbers

82 by December 28, 1917

7,191 paid members as of 5/4/16

Number of Journals

The Accounting Review first published in 1926.

Today there are sixteen journals published by the AAA.


In 1975 the AAA permitted the establishment of sections. The first six sections were formed in 1976.

There are now sixteen special interest sections of the AAA.

Annual Meetings

1940 was the first annual meeting to be held separately from the meeting of the American Economic Association. Member attendance figures from the early 1960’s averaged 640 members.

The 2014 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia saw an attendance of 3,280 members.