2020-2021 AAA Management Team of the Board of Directors


The AAA Management Team of the Board of Directors (Management Team) is responsible for coordinating and evaluating progress on the Association's strategic plan.  Specifically,

  • Implement and ensure ongoing strategic process
  • Review financial plan for strategic initiatives and ensure ongoing strategic process
  • Create the call for nominations for all Board members of the Association as subsequently approved by the Board of Directors
  • Except for committee members appointed by the Council and previously appointed to terms that have not yet expired, the Management Team appoints members to AAA Committees and Task Forces, and, at their discretion, removes members of AAA Committees and Task Forces


  • The Management Team of the Board of Directors consists of the Past President, President, President-Elect, Vice President of Finance, President-Elect nominee, and the Chief Executive Officer.
  • In years when there is a Vice President of Finance-Elect, they will attend Management Team meeting.
  • The Council Chair is invited to attend all Management Team meetings.
  • The President chairs the Management Team's meetings.


  • The Management Team meets virtually several weeks prior to each Board of Directors meeting for strategic discussion and agenda planning.
  • The virtual meetings are typically held in the months of June, October, January, and April.


  • Fulfill the charge as above.


Name / Affiliation


Term Length

Term Expires

Elaine G. Mauldin
University of Missouri-Columbia
2020-2021 AAA President



Robert D. Allen
The University of Utah
2020-2021 AAA President-Elect



Mark Dawkins
University of North Florida
2021-2022 AAA President-Elect 3 08/2024

Terry Shevlin
University of California-Irvine
2020-2021 AAA Past President



Mark Beasley
North Carolina State University
Vice President-Finance



Anne M. Farrell
Miami University
Vice President-Finance-Elect 3 08/2024

Yvonne Hinson
AAA Chief Executive Officer

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