Olivia Faulkner Kirtley

Olivia Faulkner KirtleyA daughter of Kentucky, Olivia Faulkner Kirtley's parents Cora and Raymond, encouraged her to respect and value every individual and to balance the responsibilities of a strong work ethic with community involvement to serve others.

Her educational attainments include an undergraduate degree from Florida Southern College and a graduate degree from Georgia State University. At Florida Southern, she was recognized by her classmates for outstanding academic achievement and demonstrated commitment to community values.

She married her best high school friend and began her career in public accounting with EY in Louisville, when traditional practice had been not to hire women for professional staff positions. Among her other firsts were serving as the first female chair of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Board of Directors and the first female to chair the AICPA Board of Examiners.

A thought leader and dedicated accounting professional in the many branches of the practice community, her service and vision as Board Chair of the AICPA, as Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Vermont American Corporation, and as President and Board Chair of the International Federation of Accountants, has inspired and enriched the stature and structure of the accounting profession.

As well, she has influenced the process of the examination for certified public accountants as Chair of the AICPA Board of Examiners achieving the use of advanced, computer-based test centers.

Today she serves on several corporate boards for US and UK listed companies as well as others, bringing her accounting talent and dedication to addressing complex and important business problems from leadership and governance to redevelopment of product lines.

Her personal life has centered around her husband Louis, who leads a busy and successful medical practice, and their sons Chris, Andrew, and Tyler.

Olivia Faulkner Kirtley is the Ninety-Sixth member of The Accounting Hall of Fame.