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Editorial Policy

Submission Requirements:
Manuscripts currently under consideration by another journal or other publisher should not be submitted. The author must state that the work is not submitted or published elsewhere.

To expedite the process, an electronic submission and review process is employed. To preserve anonymity, place the cover page and the remainder of the document in separate Microsoft® Word files. In the case of manuscripts reporting on field surveys or experiments, the instrument (questionnaire, case, interview plan or the like) should also be submitted in a separate file, with identity of the author(s) deleted. New manuscripts are submitted using the Manuscript Submission and Peer Review System, at Revisions with a manuscript number less than AJPT-2019-500 are resubmitted at Both sites contain detailed instructions regarding the preparation of files for submission. To ensure anonymous review, the title page is to be submitted as a separate file from the manuscript text.


The submission fee for Auditing Section members is $150.00 (you must login to receive the Section member price) in U.S. funds and may be paid by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express). If none of the authors are members of the Auditing Section, the submission fee is $200.00. 


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    AUDITING: A Journal of Practice & Theory Submission

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