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COSO and AAA jointly offer COSO's Internal Control-Integrated Framework (2013) and Compendium Bundle to accounting faculty and students. The AAA will provide login credentials and authentication for all faculty and students at accounting and business programs worldwide for a single annual administrative fee of $250. Access will expire each year at the end of August. Each year thereafter, you will receive a renewal notice with an option of either a July or September start date. (Accounting/Business departments at separate campuses must register separately.)

Academic Accounting Access to:

  • The COSO Internal Control-Integrated Framework (2013) and Compendium Bundle
  • The ERM Framework: Enterprise Risk Management-Integrating with Strategy and Performance (2017) and Compendium

A joint initiative of the American Accounting Association and Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO)

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Terms and Conditions In submitting this enrollment form, you agree that you and your institution will not charge any fees to your students and faculty for access to the COSO resources made available through the AAA's COSO Academic Access program. In addition, you are authorizing your credit card to be charged for the indicated amount. If you have any questions, please contact Mary Beth Gripshover at 941.556.4116 or by email at marybeth.gripshover@aaahq.org. Thank you.

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