Journal of Forensic Accounting Research

Journal of Forensic Accounting Research

A journal of the Forensic Accounting Section of the American Accounting Association

Journal of Forensic Accounting Research promotes excellence in the research, teaching, and practice of forensic accounting, with a balance among basic research, practice, and education. In addition, forensic accounting research is to be broadly conceived, and not limited to fraud research. JFAR is online-only and publishes annually.


Zabihollah Rezaee
The University of Memphis
P:  901.237.4972

James A. DiGabriele
Montclair State University, Dept. of Accounting & Finance,
Montclair, NJ, USA

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Additional Information:

  • Information for scholars
  • Manuscripts reporting quantitative data or testing the use of cases or instructional resources (e.g. surveys, interviews or quotes from students, faculty or others about the materials being tested), must submit IRB documentation. For more information, view the American Accounting Association’s Policy on Publication Ethics: Human Subjects Research

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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Special Topic Forums

To expand the scope and audience of JFAR, we have organized a series of special topic forums. We will entertain papers using a variety of methodologies that appropriately address the theme of the forum. Authors may consider previously published research in the JFAR as a possible direction for their work. Submitted manuscripts should not have been published previously, nor be under consideration for publication elsewhere (except conference proceedings papers). There are two paths to publication in the forums: (1) through the manuscript idea and document mentorship process and (2) submission of completed manuscripts. Please click on the title below to get information about a specific Special Topic Forum.


Manuscript Idea and Document Mentorship

This process is designed for early-stage projects. As part of the manuscript and acceptance process, topic editors offer manuscript mentorship. The mentorship will proceed in multiple phases:

  • Phase 1 (The Idea Phase): Interested author(s) submit by email a two-page initial proposal to the editor for the special forum, who evaluates the proposal, and may request additional updates or preliminary findings. If approved, the special forum editor makes a recommendation to a journal co-editor with an outline of the conditions and deliverables. The co-editor then notifies the authors to proceed with the paper as outlined.
  • Phase 2: Author submits the completed paper through the American Accounting Association's Editorial Manager system ( The editors determine if the author(s) have sufficiently completed the paper according to the outline and then send it to peer review, as needed.
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Authors of completed manuscripts may submit directly to the appropriate special topic forums. Manuscripts can be submitted at any time. Those submitted in advance of the submission deadline will receive timely review.