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Together, we are facing difficult circumstances that require extraordinary changes in our professional lives to protect the health and well-being of our families, colleagues, students, and communities. As the situation is unfolding, we are striving to be both prudent and flexible, with the goal of supporting efforts for all of us to remain healthy and productive.


June 11-12, 2020
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Both Days: Meetings 11 am - 6:15 pm EDT / Block Parties 6:15 pm - 7:15 pm EDT

This first Spark Meeting combines several Region and Section meetings into a digital experience!

  • Lower registration fees reflect the new digital model
  • Explore the scholarship from five Spring Meetings
  • Interact with colleagues during the Spark meeting and in AAA's Presentation Gallery
  • View Meeting Highlights
  • Enjoy catching up with colleagues at Segment Block Parties each evening
  • Earn up to ten hours of CPE

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We hope you will join us. Registration is Open


Annual Meeting Update
(as of 5/28/20)

This year the AAA Annual Meeting will be held virtually in August 2020.

This decision was not taken lightly by the Board and Council Chair -- recognizing how valued and highly anticipated the meeting is for our community - and how keen authors and presenters are to present and get feedback on their work.

With members’ health and well-being as our number one priority – and the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting our usual patterns on campus and across organizations – we look forward to working with you to find new ways to convene and support colleagues’ scholarship and education - even when it's possible to meet again face-to-face.

Plans for moving forward: While the pandemic has disrupted many of our daily patterns, it has also made us realize that the form of a meeting does not dictate its purpose, or its value. It has challenged us to find new ways to convene in order to support our scholarship and shape the future.

With that in mind, we have begun developing our new, digital platform: Spark. Our objective is to build a foundation for offering opportunities to engage globally, to share and strengthen our scholarship and teaching, and to support the accounting profession - when budgets are tight, and travel is risky. These efforts are exciting – and uncertain - so everyone’s participation and feedback are appreciated.

The Board, Section Leaders and Professional Staff will be working together to host a digital event that will incorporate opportunities to share your scholarship. Many decisions are ahead of us – and we will keep you posted. As of today, what we know is:

  • There will be opportunities for all accepted presentations to be made. Together, we will build on our Spark experiences to design dynamic, virtual session formats, and members will be encouraged to present their work in these new ways. Presenters will get more information in the upcoming weeks, so they have at least a month to prepare their presentations.
  • The AAA has strong partnerships with a wide range of organizations – sponsors, exhibitors, world-class service providers, affiliate associations, to name just a few – and we will be reaching out to each of these to explore ways that we can continue to work together to strengthen the accounting academy and profession.
  • In the meantime, we will do our best to keep you up to date on meeting status. Check back here for updates.

Additional Meeting Updates
(as of 5/28/20)

The first Spark meeting is being held June 11-12

... combining several region and section meetings into one digital experience. We've designed and built a conference platform and presentation gallery that lets you participate in sessions in a flexible and personalized way. It preserves the key elements of traditional AAA meetings, while augmenting it with opportunities to engage with colleagues. This will be a thoughtful experiment that we look forward to embarking on. We're optimistic that how we set ourselves up now will strengthen our community and celebrate and elevate the practice we're so passionate about.

Registration is open - we hope you will attend.


Fall Meetings

We will continue to monitor the situation, to determine whether it will be possible to return to in-person meetings in the fall.

Moving your classes online? Expert webinars were recorded to help!(as of 5/28/20)


To support the challenge of moving classes online, the AAA has hosted a series of webinars by leading on-line instructors; prepared a listing of helpful resources for teaching accounting courses online; and created a "Frequently Asked Questions" page to answer your queries and help to avoid pitfalls faculty sometimes experience when making initial steps to teaching online.


Recently Recorded Webinars

Teaching Online Best Practices Series

  • How I put my Online Courses Together in Canvas/Blackboard (held May 7, 2020)
    View Here
  • Going Online with a Large Class: Staying Connected with 1,100 Students (held May 7, 2020)
    View Here
  • How I put my Online Courses Together in Canvas (held April 30, 2020)
    View Here
  • How I put my Online Courses Together in D2L (held April 23, 2020)
    View Here
  • How I put my Online Courses Together in Blackboard (held April 23, 2020)
    View Here
  • Teaching Online Best Practices: University of Illinois iMSA in partnership with Coursera by Gary Hecht, University of Illinois (held April 16, 2020)
    View Here
  • "Tips and Tools for Organizing Your Online Course in a Hurry," hosted by Wendy Tietz, Jennifer Cainas, and Tracie Miller-Nobles (held March 26, 2020)
    View Here 

Online Help Sessions

Experienced online faculty answered attendee questions about mastering teaching online. Topics included: Online testing and security, Managing large classes, Communicating with students, Creating engaging activities, Navigating LMS tools, and more.

  • Online Teaching Help Hour by a panel of experienced accounting faculty who teach online (held May 8, 2020 )
    View Here
  • Online Teaching Help Hour by a panel of experienced accounting faculty who teach online (held May 1, 2020)
    View Here
  • Online Teaching Help Hour by a panel of experienced accounting faculty who teach online (held April 24, 2020)
    View Here
  • Online Teaching Help Hour by a panel of experienced accounting faculty who teach online (held April 17, 2020)
    View Here
  • TLC Section Webinar "Transition to Remote Learning," hosted by Jill Mitchell and DeAnna Martin (held April 2, 2020)
    View Here
  • "Are you ready for remote learning?" Tips and Technology Tools to shift your lecture courses online, hosted by Cathy Scott and Markus Ahrens. (held March 20, 2020)
    View here

These webinars are open to all, at no charge, and recordings are available online.


We will continue to monitor the situation, relying upon the experts including the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, to update our plans – and we will continue to keep our members updated as things evolve. Be safe and be well!


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Advice for Teaching Online-- Recent Posts

Accounting Teaching Tools Blog by Veronica Paz

Teaching and Learning Toolbox Blog by Markus Ahrens and Cathy Scott

Sign up for Upcoming Webinars by Wendy Tietz, Jennifer Cainas, and Tracie Miller-Nobles: "How to construct exams in Canvas or Blackboard;" "How to use Microsoft Teams in Education (beginner)"

Recorded Webinars by Wendy Tietz, Jennifer Cainas, and Tracie Miller-Nobles: "Options for Writing on Your Screen;" "Polling Options for Online Classes," "Video Recording Options," "Ideas for Online Student Engagement," "Options for Online Office Hours,"  "Strategies for Giving Exams and Quizzes Online"How to Use PollEverywhere in Your Online Class;" "How to Use a PowerPoint Recording to Create a Video for Class;"  "How to use Collaborate Ultra for live class – and an update on features deactivated for now;" "Using a Microsoft Surface to write on your screen;" "Using Zoom for office hours/class;" "Using Kahoot! In your online class;"  "How to make lecture recordings on an iPad;" "How to use rubrics in Blackboard;"

Webinars by IMA:  "Tips & Strategies for Effective Online Education" hosted by Kimberly Church, Kelly Richmond Pope, and Wendy Tietz

Harvard Business Review’s Online Teaching Resources and Webinars

Howard Rheingold’s Blog


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