Upcoming Webinars

REGISTER NOWHistorians Section Webinar: Enhancing Accounting History"
Friday, April 23rd: 10:00 am (EDT) – 1:00 pm (EDT)

REGISTER NOWPaper: "Financial Reporting Consequences of Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment"
Tuesday, March 16th: 2:00 pm-3:00 pm, Eastern (6:00 pm-7:00 pm, GMT)

   •Presenter: David Godsell – Gies College of Business - University of Illinois,
   •Moderator: Bowe Hansen, Virginia Commonwealth University

REGISTER NOWPaper: “Audit Effort and Tax Avoidance"
Tuesday, March 30th: 7:00 pm-8:00 pm, Eastern (Midnight-1:00 am, GMT)

   •Co-authored with Xiaomei Han, Liansheng Wu, and Qiuhang Xing
   •Presenter: Jian Zhou – University of Hawaii at Manoa,
   •Moderator: Helen Kang, University of New South Wales

REGISTER NOW Tuesday, April 13th: 9:00 am-10:00 am, Eastern (2:00 pm-3:00 pm, GMT)

   •Presenter: Isabel Lourenco – ISCTE Business School
   •Moderator: Critina Florio – University of Verona

Past Webinars

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11.21.19 -Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Section Webinar Getting Past “I don’t get it”: Simple Strategies for Building Student Efficacy by Julie Hasson

06.18.18 - Auditing Webinar Lessons Learned from Teaching Graduate Auditing Courses by  Pennie Bagley, Anindita Roy Bardhan, and Chad Stefaniak

11.10.17 - TLC Webinar: Excel-Based Active-Learning for the Managerial Accounting Course by Karen W. Braun

6.8.17 - Accounting IS Big Data Webinar Series: Using the HUB of Analytics Education Materials in the Classroom by Charlie Bame Aldred, Bill Goldman, Jennifer Johnson, Lorrie Metzger, and Theo Stratopoulos

6.7.17 - Accounting IS Big Data Webinar Series: EY Academic Resource Center: An Overview of Analytics Mindset Competencies and Case Offerings by Catherine Banks and Margaret Christ

6.6.17 - Accounting IS Big Data Webinar Series: How Digitization of Business is Redefining Financial Reporting by Marc Macaulay and Arvind Sathi

4.11.16 - Accounting IS Big Data Webinar Series:  Data and Analytics in Auditing and Auditing Education by Allen Blay, Roger O'Donnell, and Mark Joelson 

2.24.16 Accounting IS Big Data Webinar Series:  Data Analytics and Managerial Accounting:  Integrating Analytical Thinking and Technology Skills by Ann Dzuranin

1.22.16 Accounting IS Big Data Webinar Series:  Data Analytics and Big Data:  Impact on the Audit Profession by Scott Showalter

11.3.15 Accounting IS Big Data Webinar Series:  Data Sets, Tableau, and You:  A Winning Combination by Ed Beaurain, Robyn Raschke, and Emma Trifari

10.27.15 Accounting IS Big Data Webinar Series:  How to Get Up and Running on Tableau Painlessly by Ed Beaurain and Robyn Raschke 

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