Outstanding Service Award

The purpose of the Outstanding Service Award, with its broad eligibility requirements, is to recognize outstanding services to the Association other than educational and research contributions. This award is intended for rare events or milestones achieved and is presented at the AAA Annual Meeting. The Outstanding Service Award recipient(s) is decided solely by the Board of Directors and does not have a formal nomination process.

Sponsored by the American Accounting Association

Previous recipients include:

2021 Winners
Press Release
Brian J. Bushee
Marc A. Rubin



2020 Winner
Press Release
Bruce K. Behn



2019 Winners
Press Release
Anne M. Farrell
Patricia M. Poli



2018 Winner
Press Release
Guido L. Geerts



2016 Winners
Press Release
Michael A. Diamond
George W. Krull, Jr.



2015 Winners
Press Release
William F. Ezzell
Mark Higgins
Mary Stone



2014 Winners
Press Release
Gail Hoover King
Martha M. Eining



2013 Winners
Press Release
Bruce K. Behn
Bernard J. Milano



2012 Winners
Press Release
Susan Haka
Tom Lin



2011 Winner
Press Release
William F. Ezzell



2010 Winner
Press Release
Susan V. Crosson



2009 Winners
Press Release
D. Scott Showalter
Julie Smith David



2008 Winner
Press Release
Andrew D. Bailey, Jr



2007 Winner
William McCarthy



2006 Winner
Robert Libby



2005 Winners
James R. Hasselback
Joseph E. Rhile



2003 Winners
Kenneth A. Merchant
James M. Reeve
Hadley P. Schaefer



1999 Winner
Michael R. Moore


1998 Winners
Miklos A. Vasarhelyi
Clinton E. (Skip) White



1991 Winner
Paul L. Gerhardt