Thinking of a PhD?

To help you navigate the confusing and complex plethora of information on the web, AAA's group of Doctoral Program coordinators regularly update this site with the latest information about their programs.

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Issues and Resources

The AAA's strategic plan emphasizes our vision of Thought Leadership. We accomplish this through our research, education, and input on accounting policies and standard setting. As we explore current issues and topics of interest to accounting educators and researchers, documentation and resources will be archived here.

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Find and Share Teaching Resources

Members of the AAA are encouraged to share their teaching materials within the academic community. This way members can be more effective by learning from others and efficient, benefiting from the work of others. 

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FASB Codification and GARS Online

FAF and AAA Joint Offer to Provide FASB Codification and GARS Online to Accounting Faculty and Students.

Academic Accounting Access to the FASB Accounting Standards Codification® Professional View and Governmental Accounting Research System™ Benefits Professors and Students Alike.

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COSO Frameworks for Teaching and Research

Originally formed in 1985, COSO is a voluntary private sector organization dedicated to improving organizational performance and governance through effective internal control, enterprise risk management and fraud deterrence. COSO is jointly sponsored by the American Accounting Association, the AICPA, FEI, IMA, and the IIA. 

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Accounting Education using Computers and Multimedia

This LISTSERV server is located at LISTSERV.AAAHQ.ORG. You will find all lists that have been configured for public archiving. To access a specific list, simply click on the name of the list in the table. To find confidential or unlisted lists, type in the list name in the search box to the right.

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Pathways Continues:

Implementation of the recommendations from the Pathways Commission report, Charting a National Strategy of the Next Generation of Accountants continues through Pathways Inspired activities. Success will ultimately be measured by ongoing efforts to continuously identify challenges and develop innovative actions to address these challenges. 

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