Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Section Webinar
Getting Past “I don’t get it”: Simple Strategies for Building Student Efficacy

Day & Time of Webinar:
Thursday, November 21, 2019
2:00 pm (EDT) (11:00 am PDT)

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Webinar Description:
Your students’ success depends upon the beliefs they carry into your classroom, including beliefs about the difficulty of the content and their own ability to master it. There are simple strategies you can use to influence these beliefs. By using mastery experiences, models and messages, you can increase students’ self-efficacy. By teaching self-regulation skills along with rigorous content, you can teach lessons students continue to carry and use long after they leave you. You can be the one who makes a lasting impact on their lives. This webinar will be packed with concrete tools you can implement right away to make a bigger impact, and true stories will be included to make the strategies visible.


Moderator: Jennifer Cainas, University of South Florida
Presenter: Julie Hasson, Florida Atlantic University

CPE Information:

Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge
Credit: 1.2 CH
Instructional Delivery Method: Group Internet Based Program
Program Level: Beginner

Learning Objectives:
Participants will:

  • Learn how to use previous mastery experiences to increase students’ self-efficacy
  • Understand how to use modeling and vicarious experiences to positively impact outcomes
  • Identify feedback practices which increase competence and confidence
  • Identify personal factors which impact students’ success

Prerequisites/Additional Information:

No fee for the webinar. For more information regarding refunds, complaints and program cancellation policies, please contact our offices at (941) 921-7747.

For more information regarding this webinar, please contact Jennifer Cainas, jmcainas@usf.edu.


Bio of the Presenter:
Julie Hasson is the Nina B. Hollis Endowed Chair in Education at Florida Southern College and the founder of the Chalk and Chances project. Julie spent fifteen years as a teacher and ten years as an assistant principal and principal. During her time as a school administrator, she earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of South Florida.

Julie’s current research illuminates the ways teachers make a lasting impact on students. That research is the basis of the Chalk and Chances project, an online community dedicated to celebrating and elevating teachers. Julie has the opportunity to teach all around the world through her writing, speaking and training. She is a TEDx speaker and the author of Unmapped Potential: An Educator’s Guide to Lasting Change.