• National Pilot Region Speaker

    Behind The Great and Powerful Wizard: How Big Data Is Re-Shaping Hollywood and Our Culture

    The media moguls that brought us to the wild, wild West, and took us on odysseys to the furthest reaches of space, now enter the newest frontier of exploration and adventure - Big Data. How are our cultural industries navigating (and cultivating) this ever-shifting terrain of data feedback? And what danger does this virtual realm hold for the curious consumer?

    Join Ruth McCartney, Internet, Digital and New Media Entrepreneur, for a discussion of how our cultural engagement is being monitored... and manipulated.

  • Speakers

    Bruce Behn, AAA President - Elect
    AAA Building a Bridge to Our Future

    R. Harold Schroeder, Financial Accounting Standards Board
    Update on FASB Activities

    Scott Wiley, President and CEO of The Ohio Society of CPAs

  • CTLA Sessions

    Using Technology to Increase Student Engagement in the Accounting Classroom

    Perspectives of Auditing Practitioners on Teaching and Research

    Help Shape the Future: Share what you wish you had known when you first started teaching

    Crash Course on Flipping the Classroom: Everything You Need to Know

    Professor, What’s on the Exam?? Creating Independent Thinkers through Self-Directed Learning

  • Sharpening Your Teaching Skills

    The meeting will feature a track of sessions that will be designed with evolving classroom teaching in mind and we strongly encourage Non-Tenure Track and Two Year College to attend. Sessions can include content on pedagogical issues, teaching strategies, and interfacing with Four Year institutions, among others.

    New information will be posted soon.

2015 Ohio Regional Meeting

Call for Submission of Papers Student Manuscript Competition

The student manuscript competition is open to undergraduate and masters of accountancy students at any Ohio university or college. Plaques and cash prizes will be awarded to the winners at Friday's award banquet during the 2015 Ohio Region AAA meeting. Winners are encouraged to attend the dinner as guests of the Ohio Region AAA.


  • Undergraduate: open to all full-time undergraduate students majoring in accounting at an Ohio institution.
  • Graduate (Masters): open to all full or part-time masters students in a graduate business program at an Ohio institution. Graduate students who are enrolled in a doctoral program are not eligible.
  • For the undergraduate and graduate (Masters) categories, the first and second place winners will receive a plaque and cash awards of $500 for first place and $250 for second place.
  • Undergraduate Category: To encourage undergraduate accounting majors to engage in reading that goes "beyond the textbook," to critically examine an issue, and to develop their writing skills.
  • Graduate (Masters) Category: To encourage research in some "frontier" area of accounting, where students are encouraged to form their own conclusions and to defend them.
  • Any topic related to accounting is acceptable. Given the broad topic area, the manuscript should provide sufficient motivation to convince the reader that the topic is of importance to the broader accounting community.

Evaluation Criteria: 
All papers will be blind reviewed and ranked on the following criteria:

  • Content: The significance of the issue(s) covered, the strength of defense for selecting the issue(s), the strength of analysis, and the merits of recommendations. (65 points)
  • Style: The organization, clarity or writing, grammatical accuracy, and technical aspects of the manuscript. (35 points)
Format: Papers should be double-spaced, with standard margins, using Times New Roman (or equivalent) 11-point typeface with full justification.
  • The title of the manuscript should appear on the first page of the text without the author's name or university.
  • Papers should be no longer than 10 pages for the undergraduate category and no longer than 20 pages for the graduate category, not including footnotes and references (unless the footnotes are placed at the bottom of each page).
Cover Page: Each submitted manuscript must have a cover page that includes:
  • The title of the manuscript
  • The author's name, university, mailing address, e-mail address and telephone number (co-authored papers will not be accepted).
  • The name of the faculty sponsor (each faculty member may only sponsor a maximum of three papers in any one of the above categories).

The manuscript should be sent as an email attachment (in PDF format) by the sponsoring faculty member to Heidi Meier no later than 11:59pm EST March 16, 2015.

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