2017 Southeast Region Meeting

Conference and Teaching and Learning in Accounting (CTLA) Sessions

National Pilot Speaker:

Visual Analytics in the Classroom
Chuck Hooper, Bialytics and Tableau Zen Master

Data visualization helps you see and understand data, to tell its story.  It is much more than just charts and graphs. Data visualization techniques, in many situations, can mitigate the need for advanced statistical knowledge. Products like Tableau provide easy and fast visual analysis for students and faculty as they try to find the real issues and opportunities in their data and communicate its insights. Let's look at ways we can incorporate visual analytics in ANY classroom, to better prepare students for their next steps in life!

CTLA Concurrent Sessions:

1.02 How Big Data and Analytics Fits into Accounting Courses and Curriculum (Friday, 10:45 am – 12:00 pm)
Chuck Hooper, Bialytics; Robyn Raschke, UNLV
Learn what faculty are doing to integrate big data and analytics into a course or across multiple courses.  Learn how schools are adapting their curricula to leverage the opportunities that big data and analytics presents.

2.02 Teaching Teachers to Teach (Friday, 1:45 pm -3:25pm)
A doctoral degree is the standard credential for teaching at the university level, but are we adequately preparing our future teachers to teach? Several authors who recently published on this topic in Issues in Accounting Education will provide their insights and discuss what some universities are doing to address this concern.

Kimberly Dunn, Florida Atlantic University – Boca, Stephanie Hairston, Georgia Southern University, Mark Kohlbeck, Florida Atlantic University, Charlene Spiceland, Simmons College, David Spiceland, University of Memphis

3.02 Big Data and Analytics Cases and Data Sets (Friday, 3:55 pm – 5:35 pm)
Robyn Raschke, UNLV; Gail Hoover King
Have a favorite case?  Don’t know where to start? This session will help you repurpose/reuse existing cases to give them a big data and analytics twist. Or, help you get started using cases from the Accounting Is Big Data Conferences.

4.02 Turning Your Teaching Idea into a Publication (Saturday, 9:05 am -10:45 am)
Professors who have successfully turned their teaching ideas into publications will discuss the benefits, difficulties, pitfalls, and rewards of this avenue of scholarship, and will provide pointers for those interested in starting or enhancing their research agenda in this area.

Presenters:  Susan Anderson, Elon University, Aundrea K. Guess, Samford University, Scott Vandervelde, University of South Carolina, Timothy Eaton, Miami University

5.02 Sharing Best Teaching Practices Panel (11:15 am – 12:30 pm)
Gail Hoover King
In this session, peers from your region community will share with you new techniques and strategies that you can employ right away in your courses.  Plus, gain insights on how to convert your own teaching best practices into presentations and scholarship.  Learn how to make them count both inside and outside your classes!

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