Intensive Data and Analytics II

Summer Workshop for Accounting Courses and Programs

Conference hours are 8:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday June 10-Wednesday June 12 and 8:00 am to 6:30 pm Thursday June 13. (39 hours of CPE)

Consider adding a day before and after the workshop to your hotel reservation due to the start and end times of the workshop.

The workshop is the place for:

  • Faculty to focus their teaching and research talents on the why and how-tos of data and analytics.
  • Program leaders to focus on curricula innovation and their agility to meet the needs of an accounting profession transformed.

The multi-day workshop will feature:

  • D&A basics, including data models, analytic approaches, popular tools, and research methodologies.
  • Decision making: how to ask the right questions and answer them with data.
  • Implications for academics and professionals as accounting transforms.
  • Hands-on workshops using D&A tools for data visualization, cleansing, analyses, and emerging tech topics, i.e., Blockchain, AI.
  • Collaboration time with peer mentors to craft course syllabi, program innovation, and research agendas.
  • Peer-reviewed sessions: Master classes and Posters of D&A activities, including projects, cases, and modules that faculty can implement.

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