Letter from the President

Sally Widener

Greetings ABO Members:

 Let me begin this message by thanking my two Presidential predecessors, Lisa Victoravich and Donna Bobek Schmitt, for their hard work and vast institutional knowledge. I would also like to thank the incredible section members who volunteer their time and efforts in serving as officers, chairing committees, coordinating programs, organizing doctoral consortia, and doing a host of other myriad activities. You are all the heart and soul of the section and without you the Section as we know it would cease to be. So pat yourselves on the back and know that your efforts are genuinely appreciated and valued.

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The deadline for submitting nominations for the ABO Notable (Lifetime) Contribution Award in Behavioral Accounting Literature is June 10, 2017. Please email your nomination to Axel Schulz at A.Schulz@latrobe.edu.au

The deadline for submitting nominations for the ABO Outstanding Dissertation Award. Please email your nomination to Kathryn Kadous at Kathryn.Kadous@emory.edu



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Midyear Meeting

Thank you for attending the 2016 ABO Research Conference this past weekend.

Given the value of the panel session on Saturday, Using Online Participant Platforms to Further Your Research, we have made the panelists' slides available below.

Using Online Participant Platforms to Further Your Research
Leiby Rennenkamp

Potential Pitfalls of On-line Platforms
Ken Trotman