President's Letter

Happy New Year to All:

As we enter the new year, higher education continues to be under tremendous pressure on multiple fronts. Universities are being pressed to contain or reduce costs and tuition; students and their families are struggling with stagnant income and record levels of student debt; and technology and globalization forces are affecting historic teaching and learning models. In spite of these forces, the demand for a collegeeducated workforce has never been greater and the wealth gap between those with and without a college degree is growing, not shrinking.

As accounting educators and leaders, we have the opportunity and challenge of providing our students with both a broad and career-ready education that prepares them for today’s accounting and business environment.

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Annual Seminar

2017 APLG/FSA Annual Seminar

Mark your calendar and reserve the dates February 10-11

for our mid-year meeting, jointly sponsored by the Federation of Schools of Accountancy ( in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona.


Objectives of the APLG

The mission of APLG is to stimulate excellence in accounting education through outstanding leadership of accounting programs.

The goals of the APLG include:

Excellence in accounting program leadership—to increase the effectiveness of professional educators responsible for leadership of accounting education programs; Continuous improvement in accounting education—to assist accounting program leaders in the continuous improvement of their programs, through research, networking, and communications;

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