ATA Award Recipients

Ray M. Sommerfeld Outstanding Tax Educator Award
(funded by the Ernst & Young Foundation)

2017: John Robinson, Texas A&M University
2016: Ben Ayers, University of Georgia
2015: John Philips
2014: Lillian Mills, The University of Texas at Austin

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ATA Outstanding Service Award

2017: Anthony Curatola, Drexel University
2016: Zite Hutton, Western Washington University
2015: Allen Ford, University of Kansas
2014: Ken Orbach, Florida Atlantic University and Nancy Nichols, James Madison University

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ATA / Deloitte Teaching Innovation Award

2018: Susan Convery, Severin Grabski, and Edmund Outslay, Michigan State University, "Visualizing the Forest for the Trees: Arbor Corporation’s Country-by-Country Reporting"

2017: Kerry Inger (Auburn University), Mollie Adams (Bradley University), and Michele Meckfessel (University of Missouri- St. Louis)-  “The Not So Pokey Hokies” 

2016: Mark A. Holtzblatt, John Geekie, Cleveland State University, and Norbert Tschakert, Salem State University, "Should U.S. and Global Regulators Take a Bigger Tax Bite Out of Technology Companies? A Case on Apple's International Tax Minimization and Reporting Strategies"

2015: Susan Anderson, Elon University, and Lynn Stallworth, Appalachian State University
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ATA / PricewaterhouseCoopers Outstanding Tax Dissertation Award

2017: Christina Lewellen, Florida State University

2016:  Rebecca Lester “Made in the U.S.A.?  A Study of Firm Responses to Domestic Production Incentives”

2015: Erin Henry "The Information Content of Tax Expense: A Discount Rate Explanation"

2014: Lisa De Simone, Stanford University, "Does a Common Set of Accounting Standards Affect Tax-Motivated Income Shifting for Multinational Firms?"

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ATA Tax Manuscript Award

2017: John Graham (Duke),  Michelle Hanlon (MIT), Terry Shevlin (University of California - Irvine) “Incentives for Tax Planning and Avoidance: Evidence
from the Field”

2016: Petro Lisowsky, Leslie Robinson and Andrew Schmidt- "Do Publicly Disclosed Tax Reserves Tell Us About Privately Disclosed Tax Shelter Activity?"

2015: Ken Klassen and Stacie LaPlante "Are US Multinational Corporations Becoming More Aggressive Income Shifters?"

2014: Jennifer L. Brown (Arizona State University), "The Spread of Aggressive Corporate Tax Reporting: A Detailed Examination of the Corporate-Owned Life Insurance Shelter", The Accounting Review, volume 86, number 1, pp. 23-57 (2011).

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JATA Outstanding Paper Award

2017: Brian Bratten (Kentucky) and David S. Hulse (Kentucky).  “Retroactive Tax Legislation,  reported Earnings, and Investors’ Responses to Earnings “Surprises:” Evidence from R&D Credit Extensions"          

2016: Katharine Drake, Jennifer Brown, and Laura Wellman – “The benefits of a relational approach to corporate political activity: Evidence from political contributions to tax policymakers”

2015: Sanjay Gupta, Lillian F. Mills, Erin M. Towry "The Effect of Mandatory Financial Statement Disclosures of Tax Uncertainty on Tax Reporting and Collections: The Case of FIN 48 and Multistate Tax Avoidance"

2014: Leslie Robinson (Dartmouth College) and Andrew P. Schmidt (North Carolina State University). "Firm and Investor Responses to Uncertain Tax Benefit Disclosure Requirements."

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JATA Conference Best Discussant Award

2017: Jaron Wilde, University of Iowa

2016: Stacie LaPlante, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2015: C. Bryan Cloyd

2014: James Chyz (University of Tennessee) for the discussion of "Taxation and Executive Compensation: Evidence from Stock Options"

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JLTR Outstanding Paper Award

2017: - Roby Sawyers (NC State), David Baumer (NC State), and Wade Chumney  (California State, Northridge) “Insider Trading and IRC Section 6103(e)(1)(D)(iii)” 

2016:  Hughlene Burton and Noel Brock -  Tax Treatment of ‘Carried Interest”

2015: John Gamino "Taxing Nonrecourse Litigation Funding"

2014: Michelle Bertolini, (Nova Southeastern University) and Pamela Weaver (University of Hartford) "Mandatory Arbitration within Tax Treaties: A Need for a Coherent International Standard"

Marty Escoffier Hospitality Award (Learn more about this award)

2017: Raquel Alexander, 2017 ATA Midyear Meeting  Chair

2016: Kim Key, 2016 ATA Midyear Meeting Chair

2015: Diana Falsetta, Vice President, 2015 ATA Midyear Meeting Chair

2014: Charlene Henderson for outstanding work at the ATA Midyear Meeting

Letter from the President

Benjamin C. Ayers


The ATA continues to be successful largely because of its volunteers.  Many thanks to all of you who have given to this organization in the past and who have agreed to serve again this year.

The annual meeting marks the start of a new year and an opportunity to present our research and connect with long-time friends.  I want to thank Amy Hageman and her committee for developing a great set of ATA sessions at the 2018 Annual Meeting in San Diego.  The annual meeting also gave us the opportunity to celebrate our members’ achievements in research, teaching and service.  The following ATA members were recognized at the ATA lunch at the Annual Meeting:

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