• National Pilot Region Speaker

    Who is Accountable for the National Debt?

    The USA's National Debt has long been a matter of growing concern, but we will soon reach a point where government must stop playing political football with the issue, and take action to save our future.

    Paul Stebbins, former Chairman and CEO of a Fortune 500 company, and the Campaign to Fix the Debt, are working to inform and mobilize citizens to help effect change in Washington. Join Paul for a discussion about who is accountable for the National Debt...and how accounting can help us fix it.

  • Speakers

    Mary Barth AAA Past President
    Building a Bridge to Our Future

    Gail Hoover King, Purdue University Calumet
    Building an Accounting Curriculum, an Examination of Knowledge, Pedagogy and Technology: An Update from Pathways

    Peter Hughes, Director of Internal Audit, Orange County CA
    The Future of Government Auditing and Accounting

  • Sharpen Your Teaching Skills

    How Master Teachers uses research tools in their classes

    Bridging the Gap between Two-Year Colleges and the University

    Teaching with Technology

    Writing and Grading Assessment Materials

    Practical Ethics

  • CTLA Sessions

    Accounting for the National Debt in the Classroom

    Taking Control of Online Education

    Raising the Bar on Student Learning

    What Firms that Hire Our Students Want

    How IT Fits? Information Technology in the Accounting Curriculum

  • Celebrating Our Past and Shaping Our Future:
    The Next 50 Years


2015 Western Region Meeting

Conference and Teaching and Learning in Accounting (CTLA) Sessions

Accounting for the National Debt in the Classroom
Loren Adler, Research Director, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

Fix the Debt provides interactive tools on their website which serve to inform the public about the National Debt by putting them in the driver's seat - how would you balance the budget? What choices on governmental spending would you make to save the country's future? Loren Adler will demonstrate how he uses these tools in the classroom to get students to understand the importance and implications of these choices on their own future. This will be followed by a roundtable discussion on how accounting students can use these tools to learn accounting principles, and to inform the conversation on the National Debt.

Taking Control of Online Education
Moderator: Sharon Lightner, National University
Michael P. Myers, National University
Amy Dunbar, University of Connecticut
Karen Connaghan, San Diego Office of Education
Eric Goodman, Western Governors University
Gret Ottinger, San Diego Office of Education

This session is a panel discussion on online education and its growing impact on higher education. Panel members are all experienced educators who offer informed and forward-looking perspectives.

Raising the Bar on Student Learning

Presenter: Gail Hoover King, Purdue University Calumet

This hands-on session provides practical ways to document student learning Presenter: building effective rubrics and activities that link student, course, and program outcomes. You can scaffold up your student expectations and achieve desired learning outcomes.

What Firms that Hire Our Students Want
Moderator: Robin Clement, University of Oregon
Doreen Griffith, Managing Partner, CA, Grant Thornton
Patti Gower, Recruiting Manager, Frank, Rimerman
Carisa Wisniewski, Partner in Charge, San Diego, Moss Adams 

Representatives from public accounting firms and private companies offer their perspectives on the skill sets and behavioral qualities they would like to see in our students. The panel evaluates what changes they seen over the last five years, improvements and concerns, and provides an honest assessment of the preparedness of our students.

How IT Fits? Information Technology in the Accounting Curriculum

Presenter: Guido Geerts, University of Delaware

This session will address several issues related to the integration of technology into the accounting curriculum, including: Where in the curriculum should we teach information technology?; What technologies practitioners think accounting graduates should know?; and How can new technology developments transform your courses?

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