Accounting Behavior and Organizations Sections Awards

Notable Contribution Award Past Winners

2017- Sarah Bonner

2016 - None Awarded

2015 - Arnie Wright

2014 - Tom Kida

2013 - Steve Kaplan

2012 - Joan Luft

2009 - Ken Trotman

2008 - Michael D. Shields

2007 - Mark Dirsmith

2005 - Theodore J. Mock

2004 - William S. Waller

2003 - Kenneth A. Merchant

2001 - Anthony G. Hopwood

2000 - Robert Libby

1999 - Jacob G. Birnberg

1995 - Robert H. Ashton

Outstanding Dissertation Award Past Winners

2017- Robert P. Mocadlo

2016 - E.B. Alterio

2015 - Kristina Demek

2014 - (tie) Kerry Humphreys and Scott Asay

2013 - Brian J. White

2012 - Justin Leiby

2011 - Jonathan Grenier

2010 - Jason Brown

2009 - Nicholas Seybert

2008 - Shana Clor-Proell

2007 - David Piercey

2006 - Joshua Herbold

2005 - Arianna Pinello

2004 - Brooke Elliott

2003 - Kimberly Sawers

2002 - Lisa Sedor

2001 - Wendy Bailey

2000 - Jennifer Joe

1999 - John A. Barrick

1998 - Linda Thorne

1997 - Jay C. Thibodeau

1996 - (tie) Rich Houston and Patrick Hopkins

1995 - Sandra C. Vera-Munoz

1994 - Keith R. Duncan

1993 - S. Jane Kennedy

ABO Conference Outstanding Manuscript




    Robert Grasser
    John Majerczyk
    Martin Staehle
    Di Yang


    Ethan LaMothe
    Donna Bobek Schmitt
    Chelsea Austin


    Andrew Cuccia
    Anne M. Margo
    Amber Whisenhunt


    Benjamin Commerford
    Dana R. Hermanson
    Richard W. Houston
    Michael F. Peters


    Jane Miller Thayer
    Ann Backof
    Tina Carpenter


    Anne Farrell
    Joshua Goh
    Brian White


    Ann Backof
    E. Michael Bamber
    Tina Carpenter


    Bryan Church
    R. Lynn Hannon
    Xi (Jason) Kuang


    Lisa Milici Gaynor
    Linda McDaniel
    Teri Lombardi Yohn


    Tina Carpenter
    Jane Reimers
    Geraldine Hottegindre
    Cedric Lesage
    C. Richard Baker

ABO Conference Emerging Scholar



Ben Van Landuyt


Matthew Sooy


Nicole Cade


Bryan W. Stewart*


Tyler Thomas*


Scott A. Emett*
William B. Tayler
David A. Wood*


Gary Hecht
Willie Choi*
William B. Tayler


Kirsten Fanning*
Chris Agoglia
David Piercey


Kirsten Fanning*
David Piercey*


Alisa Brink*

*Indicates Emerging Scholar

BRIA Best Paper

Award Recipients


Nicole P. Ang
Ken T. Trotman


Jeffrey R. Cohen
Lori Holder-Webb
Valentina L. Zamora


Marietta Peytcheva
Arnold Wright
Barbara Majoor


Douglas F. Prawitt
Nathan Y. Sharp
David A. Woods


Terrence Pitre


Robert Pinsker


Robert Pinsker
Robin Pennington
Jennifer Schafer
Khim Kelly


Wray Bradley

Letter from the President

Sally Widener

Greetings ABO Members:

 Let me begin this message by thanking my two Presidential predecessors, Lisa Victoravich and Donna Bobek Schmitt, for their hard work and vast institutional knowledge. I would also like to thank the incredible section members who volunteer their time and efforts in serving as officers, chairing committees, coordinating programs, organizing doctoral consortia, and doing a host of other myriad activities. You are all the heart and soul of the section and without you the Section as we know it would cease to be. So pat yourselves on the back and know that your efforts are genuinely appreciated and valued.

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The deadline for submitting nominations for the ABO Notable (Lifetime) Contribution Award in Behavioral Accounting Literature is June 10, 2018. Please email your nomination to Axel Schulz at  For more information, click here. 

The deadline for submitting nominations for the ABO Outstanding Dissertation Award  is June 10, 2018. Please email your nomination to Axel Schulz at  For more information, click here

The deadline for submitting nominations for the BRIA Best Paper Award is June 10, 2018. Please email your nomination to Kathryn Kadous at For more information, click here



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Thank you to all who attended the 2017 ABO Research Conference in Pennsylvania. The meeting was a huge success! We look forward to seeing you all in 2018!

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