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2017 Service Project Partner: ShelterBox


Service ProjectWhat is the Service Project?

The AAA Service Project began at the 2011 Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado with a donation of 500 backpacks to the Denver School System. Every year since - thanks to the generosity of our members - the AAA has partnered with a nonprofit organization in the city where the Annual Meeting is held.

New for 2017!

This year, the AAA is taking a more global approach by partnering with ShelterBox. Continuing our tradition of giving to those who may otherwise go without, donations collected will be used to provide emergency shelter and lifesaving equipment to survivors of a disaster or humanitarian crisis worldwide. As the largest community of accountants in academia, we are delighted and proud to be able to make a difference in the lives of so many families!

What is ShelterBox?

shelter boxShelterBox is the premier international disaster relief charity that provides immediate emergency shelter and other lifesaving aid to survivors of disasters such as earthquakes, volcanos, floods, hurricanes, cyclones, tsunamis or humanitarian crisis. 

ShelterBox aid is tailored to each disaster but typically includes tented shelter, thermal blankets and groundsheets, water purification equipment, solar lights, cooking utensils, a tool kit, mosquito nets and children’s activity packs.

ShelterBox Response Team members are highly-trained civilian volunteers who deploy with the aid and ensure it is delivered to the survivors who need it most. They distribute aid on the ground, working closely with local organizations, government officials, and international aid agencies. ShelterBox aid is transported by any means available: truck, boat, camel, sled, or by hand.

ShelterBox has deployed in the United States after Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy and after tornadoes in the Midwest. 

ShelterBox has responded to some of the largest humanitarian crises the modern world has ever known: Hurricane Matthew in Haiti in 2016, the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the Syria crisis, and the biggest storm to ever make landfall – Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in 2013.

ShelterBox will only distribute aid on the basis of need and within safe operating parameters. Due to the nature of disaster work, ShelterBox is unable to accept location-specific or time-specific donations.

Learn more about ShelterBox.

We Need Your Help to Make a Difference! Please Donate Now.

  • Make a personal donation online whether you are attending the Annual Meeting or not. Visit the Service Project Donation page

  • Make a personal donation via Fax or Mail whether you are attending the Annual Meeting or not.  Click HERE for donation form.

  • Make a donation at the Service Project Desk at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego

Your tax-deductible donation (U.S.) is used to provide support for all costs associated with ShelterBox worldwide deployments, including but not limited to: lifesaving equipment, response teams, transportation and collaboration with local or international partners.

Contents of a ShelterBox

How much does one ShelterBox cost?

  • One ShelterBox = $1,000

How much do supplies cost?

  • $650 Tent
  • $250 ShelterKit
  • $100 Basic Tool Kit
  • $40 Cooking Set
  • $35 Water Filter
  • $30 Mosquito Net
  • $25 Solar Light
  • $20 Children’s Activity Pack

What supplies are typically included in a ShelterBox?

  • Disaster relief tent for a family

  • Thermal blankets and groundsheets

  • Water storage and purification equipment

  • Solar lamps

  • Cooking utensils

  • A basic tool kit

  • Mosquito nets

  • A children’s activity pack

To learn more, visit The Aid ShelterBox Delivers


Want to learn more, experience a ShelterBox tent, and see the supplies?
Stop by the Service Project Desk at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of children and families around the world.

The AAA thanks you for your donation to the Service Project!

Questions about Service Project?
Contact Barbara Gutierrez at