The objective of this Section is to give greater attention to financial accounting and reporting, and to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of education, research, and professional practice by: (1) disseminating and evaluating teaching methods and materials; (2) encouraging, facilitating, and publicizing research interests and projects; and (3) creating opportunities for interchange and cooperation between academics and practitioners.




Brian Bushee
University of Pennsylvania
Accounting Dept/Wharton Sch
1317 Steinberg-Dietrich Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6365
Phone: 215-898-4872
Email: bushee@wharton.upenn.edu

Vice President (from Practice)
Alan Jagolinzer
University of Colorado-Boulder
Leeds School of Business
Boulder, CO 80309
Phone: 303- 492-7437
Email: jagolinzer@colorado.edu


Immediate Past President
Darren Roulstone
Ohio State University
Fisher College of Business
2100 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210
Phone: 614-292-1822
Email: roulstone_1@fisher.osu.edu

Mark Bradshaw
Boston College
140 Commonwealth Ave
Fulton 250
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
Phone: 617-552-3831
Email: mark.bradshaw@bc.edu


Eddie Riedl
Boston University
Phone: 617-353-2317
Email: eriedl@bu.edu

Council Representative
Marlene A Plumlee
University of Utah
Phone: 801-581-3397
Email: marlene.plumlee@utah.edu


Journal of Financial Reporting Editors

Anne Beatty
Ohio State University
Phone: 614-292-5418
Email: beatty.86@osu.edu

Mary Barth
Stanford University
Phone: 650-723-8536
Email: mbarth@stanford.edu


Rick Lambert
University of Pennsylvania
Phone: (215) 898-7782
Email: lambertr@wharton.upenn.edu



On-line Outreach

Webmaster, AAACommons 
Editorial Board Member

Richard A. Price
University of Oklahoma
Phone: 405-325-5759
Email: richard.price@ou.edu



Committee Chairpersons

Praveen Sinha
California State University- Long Beach
Phone: 562-985-7695
Email: psinha@csulb.edu

Best Paper Award
Aiyesha Dey
University of Minnesota – Minneapolis
Phone: 612-626-8626
Email: deya@umn.edu


Best Dissertation Award
Judson Caskey
University of California-Los Angeles
Phone: 310-775-0080
Email: judson.caskey@anderson.ucla.edu

Best Mid-Year Meeting Paper
Yaniv Konchitchki
University of California – Berkeley
Email: yaniv@haas.berkeley.edu

Lifetime Achievement Award
Yonca Ertimur
University of Colorado-Boulder
Phone: 303-492-4292
Email: yonca.ertimur@colorado.edu

Midyear Meeting Program Coordinator
Darren Roulstone
Ohio State University
Phone: 614-292-1822
Email: roulstone_1@fisher.osu.edu


Midyear Meeting Planning Coordinator
Steve Crawford
University of Houston-Houston
Email: scrawford@bauer.uh.edu

Midyear Meeting Planning Coordinator- Elect
Nicole Jenkins
University of Kentucky
Phone: 859-218-1649
Email: nicole.t.jenkins@uky.edu


Midyear Meeting - Research Sessions 
Suraj Srinivasan
Harvard University Business School
Phone: (617) 495-6993
Email: ssrinivasan@hbs.edu

Midyear Meeting - Research Sessions - Elect
Bill Mayew
Duke University
Phone: 919-660-7781
Email: wmayew@duke.edu


Midyear Meeting Scholarships  
Victoria Dickinson
University of Mississippi
Phone: 662-915-5448
Email: vdickins@olemiss.edu

Practice Advisory Committee
Alan Jagolinzer
University of Colorado-Boulder
Phone: 303- 492-7437
Email: jagolinzer@colorado.edu


Financial Reporting Policy Committee (FRPC)
Asher Curtis
University of Washington- Seattle
Phone: 206-616-5841
Email: abcurtis@uw.edu

National Meeting Co-Coordinator 
Holly Yang
Singapore Management University
Phone: (656) 808-5447
Email: hollyyang@smu.edu.sg


National Meeting Co-Coordinator 
Elizabeth Chuk
University of Southern California
Phone: (213) 740-0138
Email: elizabeth.chuk@marshall.usc.edu

National Meeting Co-Coordinators- Elect
Peter Demerjian
University of Washington-Seattle
Phone: 206-221-1648
Email: pdemerj@uw.edu


National Meeting Co-Coordinators- Elect
Nerissa Brown
University of Delaware
Email: ncbrown@udel.edu



Regional Coordinators

Dina Elmahdy
Morgan State University
Phone: (443) 885-3967
Email: dina.elmahdy@morgan.edu

Matthew Lyle
Northwestern University
Phone: (847) 491-2664
Email: m-lyle@kellogg.northwestern.edu


Kelvin Liu
Northeastern University
Phone: (617) 373-5926
Email: Xi.Liu@neu.edu

Taylor Joo
New Mexico State University
Phone: 801-885-5963
Email: tjoo@nmsu.edu


Santhosh Ramalingegowda
University of Georgia
Phone: (706) 542-3612
Email: smr@uga.edu

Lisa Kutcher
Colorado State University
Phone: 970-491-5689
Email: lisa.kutcher@business.colostate.edu


Laura Rickett
Cleveland State University
Phone: (216) 687-3672
Email: l.rickett@csuohio.edu



Publications Committee

Russell Lundholm
University of British Columbia

Ted Christiansen
University of Georgia


Patrick Hopkins
Indiana University - Bloomington

Jennifer Wu Tucker
University of Florida


Alfred Wagenhofer
University of Graz

Cathy Schrand
University of Pennsylvania


Steering Board (At-Large Members)

Lisa Koonce
University of Texas at Austin

Brad Badertscher
University of Notre Dame


Linda Myers
University of Arkansas-Fayetteville

Frank Zhang
Yale University


Anne Beyer
Stanford University

Jake Thornock
University of Washington-Seattle


Marilyn Johnson
Michigan State University

Mark Kohlback
Florida Atlantic University - Boca


FRPC Members 2015-16


Asher Curtis, University of Washington, Seattle


Clare Wang, Northwestern University


Jayanthi Sunder, The University of Arizona


John Campbell, The University of Georgia


Bjorn Jorgensen, The London School of Economics and Political Science


Jeff Hales, Georgia Institute of Technology


Lynn Rees, Texas A&M University


Susan Krische, American University


Kris Allee, University of Wisconsin–Madison