The Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Section is dedicated to the continual improvement of accounting education, especially through the development of relevant and innovative curricula, a renewed emphasis of effective and efficient instruction, and the exploration of knowledge-organization issues related to accounting programs. Specific objectives include, but are not limited to:

  1. Teaching:
    1. To foster research in methods of learning and their application to the field of accounting instruction;
    2. To stimulate discussion and experimentation in instructional means, methods, and materials in general;
    3. To raise questions and to disseminate knowledge about teaching and teaching-related materials;
    4. To initiate, encourage, and sponsor research in methods of learning and in the improvement of skills and aids used to impart knowledge of accounting and of related fields; and
    5. To provide guidance and opportunities for members to both test and improve their teaching skills and instructional materials.
  2. Curriculum matters:
    1. To encourage continued consideration of and experimentation in all facets of curriculum development for accounting programs; and
    2. To communicate interests, intentions, and information about curriculum developments in accounting programs.
  3. Education:
    1. To encourage a broad definition of scholarship that includes a high priority on teaching and curriculum development;
    2. To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and findings about developments related to instruction and curriculum issues in accounting education;
    3. To work with other organizations pursuing similar goals; and
    4. To encourage qualified individuals to consider opportunities in accounting education by providing appropriate guidance and knowledge about such careers



Gail Hoover King
Purdue University Calumet
2200 169th Street
Hammond, IN 46323-2094
Phone: 219-989-2381
Email: ghkingAAA@gmail.com

Past President
Susan Crosson
(formerly of) Emory University
Phone: 941-556-4139
Email: susan.crosson@aaahq.org

Vice President-Academic
Natalie Churyk
Northern Illinois University
Department of Accountancy
College of Business
DeKalb, Illinois 60115
Phone: 815-753-6210
Email: nchuryk@niu.edu

Vice President-Practice
Kathy Shoztic
Executive Director, Deloitte Foundation
Deloitte Services LP
Phone: +1-203-761-3248
Email: kshoztic@deloitte.com

Tracie Miller Nobles
Austin Community College
Phone: 512-223-4989
Email: Tracie.nobles@gmail.com

Cindy Bolt Lee
The Citadel
Phone: 843-693-5901
Email: cynthia.bolt@citadel.edu

Council Representative
Bambi Hora
University of Central Oklahoma
Phone: 405-974-2156
Email: bhora@uco.edu

TLC Regional Coordinating Committee
Carol Hartley
Providence College
Phone: 401-865-2154
Email: chartley@providence.edu


2015-2016 Editors

The Accounting Educator (Newsletter)
Carol Yacht, Author
McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Jerome, AZ 86331
Phone: 928-634-0603
Email: carol@carolyacht.com 



2015-2016 Committee Chairpersons

Annual Meeting Program Committee Co-Chair
Dan Jones
Assumption College
Phone: 508-767-7534
Email: dajones@assumption.edu

TLC Strategic Task Force
Gail Hoover King
Purdue University Calument
Phone: 219-989-2381
Email: GHKingAAA@gmail.com

Annual Meeting Program Committee Co-Chair:
Markus Ahrens
St. Louis Community College-Meramec
Phone: 314-984-7507
Email: mahrens@stlcc.edu

Membership Committee
Kimberly  Swanson Church
University of Missouri Kansas City
Phone: 816-235-2890
Email: churchk@umkc.edu

Online Meetings Committee
Karen Osterheld
Bentley University
Phone: 781-891-2724
Email: kosterheld@bentley.edu   

Faculty Development Committee
Cathleen Burns
Thought Leader
Phone:  303-726-8091
Email: cathleen.burns@calsco.com


2015-2016 Regional Coordinators

Mid-Atlantic Co-Coordinators
Nina Dorata
St. Johns University
Phone: 718-990-7329
Email: doratan@stjohns.edu

Joseph Trainor
St. Johns University
Phone: 718-990-7304
Email: trainorj@stjohns.edu

Midwest Co-Coordinators
Markus Ahrens
St. Louis Community College-Meramec
Phone: 314-984-7507
Email: mahrens@stlcc.edu

Susan Curtis
University of Illinois-Champaign
Phone: 217-333-4529
Email: smcurtis@illinois.edu

Northeast Coordinator
Carol Hartley
Providence College
Phone: 401-865-2154
Email: chartley@providence.edu

Yvette Lazdowski
Plymouth State University
Phone: 603-535-2524
Email: yjlazdowski@plymouth.edu

Ohio Co-Coordinators
Mark Holtzblatt
Cleveland State University
Phone:  216-875-9711
Email: m.holtzblatt@csuohio.edu

Marsha Huber
Youngstown State University
Phone: 614-965-8787
Email: mmhuber@ysu.edu

Renee Castrigano
Gannon University
Phone: 814-871-5783
Email: castriga001@gannon.edu

Southeast Co-Coordinators
Susan Swanger
Western Carolina University
Phone: 828-227-3525
Email: swanger@wcu.edu

Timothy Cairney
Georgia Southern University
Phone: 912- 478-7157
Email: tcairney@georgiasouthern.edu

Southwest Co-Coordinators
Veronda F. Willis
University of Texas -Tyler
Phone: 903-565-5822
Email: vwillis@uttyler.edu

Cathy Scott
Navarro College
Phone: 903-875-7535
Email: cathy.scott@navarrocollege.edu

Western Co-Coordinators
Beth Rolison,
DeVry University-Westminster
Phone: 303-280-7468
Email: brescigno@devry.edu



2016 Awards Committee

Tracy Manly, Chair
University of Tulsa
Phone: 918-631-3992
Email: tracy-manly@utulsa.edu

Markus Ahrens
St. Louis Community college
Phone: 314-369-4300
Email: mahrens@stlcc.edu

Billie Cunningham
University of Missouri – Columbia
Phone: 573-882-5665
Email: cunningham@missouri.edu

Susan Curtis
University of Illinois – Champaign
Phone: 217-333-4529
Email: smcurtis@illinois.edu

Bambi Hora
University of Central Oklahoma
Phone: 405-974-2156

Mark Holtzblatt
Cleveland State University
Phone: 216-875-9711
Email: m.holtzblatt@csuohio.edu

Sara Melendy Kern
Gonzaga University
Phone: 509-313-7031
Email: kern@jepson.gonzaga.edu

Carol Yacht, Author
McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Phone: 928-634-0603
Email: carol@carolyacht.com