The Council Committee on Awards Committees (CCAC) shall populate Association-wide awards committees in order to:

  • Enhance the value of recognition and strategic relationships
  • Spur the growth of volunteer leadership


  • The CCAC shall consist of seven members – the Chair and six additional committee members, one of whom is selected by the committee to serve as Vice-Chair.
  • The Chair and committee members serve a one-year term.
  • The Vice-Chair serves a two-year term: as Vice-Chair in the first year and as Chair in the second year.
  • Committee members are elected by the Council from among all Council members during the Fall Council Meeting.
  • The Vice-Chair is selected from among the six committee members by the committee members by a simple majority. The Chair will cast a vote in the case of a tie.
  • A maximum of two members of the Board of Directors may be elected to the committee during any one year.
  • Members of the Board of Directors serving on the committee may serve as the committee Chair.
  • The Vice-Chair may not be in the last year of service on the Council.


  • The committee meets as needed.


  • The committee shall make awards committee volunteer appointments according to the AAA’s timetable for populating all other AAA committees.
  • When populating the awards committees, the committee shall draw from the broad AAA constituency and consider prior award winners for expertise.
  • If the Chair has any questions about the charge or responsibilities of this committee, s/he should contact the Executive Director, the President, or the committee’s Board of Directors Liaison.
  • The Chair will prepare and send a progress report for the Council to review at the August Council meeting. This report should include accomplishments and suggested modifications and should be sent to the Council Chair and to Governance Manager, Barbara Gutierrez (


* Elected by the Council from among all Council members during the Fall Council Meeting

Name / Affiliation Contact Term Length Term Expires

Greg Burton
Brigham Young University


Vice Chair
Cindy Durtschi
DePaul University

2 08/2018

Urton Anderson
The University of Kentucky

1 08/2017

Don Ariail
Kennesaw State University
1 08/2017
Charles Cullinan

Bryant University

1 08/2017
Theresa Libby

University of Waterloo


Nancy Nichols
James Madison University

1 08/2017